Highlights from America’s Largest Antique & Collectible Show July 2017 in Portland Oregon

America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017

Here is a full report from my annual trip to America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show that is held each July in Portland, Oregon with over 1,000 booths.  The past few years have been more bust than bang but, this year was great. There is usually a lot of chaos getting attendees parked and the lines had been terrible in the past. This year they had it better managed and we got parked within 15mins of the show starting. We try to arrive early as doors open at 9:00 am and you usually need to wait in the ticket line for your tickets then join another line to get inside. The show is held in-doors and outdoors at the Portland Expo Center. Bathrooms are clean and plentiful. Lots of food courts too with seating so never worry about being thirsty or hungry!!

My twin sister and I have been attending America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show for the past few years so we have our strategy down pretty good. But, she was not able to join me this year due to illness so my niece was joining me. It wasn’t quite the same without my sister and we missed her terribly. The weather was gorgeous for Portland and super warm. July in Portland tends to be a scorcher!! Attendees were excited and in good spirits, folks were eager to get started with their treasure hunting. There were also lots and lots of outdoor booths!!
America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017 - Pyrex

America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017
Once inside, it was full steam ahead!! After going through a few booths it was apparent that Dealers this year were in very good spirits and super friendly. The past few shows Dealers were really grumpy but this year was different. It is so much more pleasant to shop in a booth with a cheerful Dealer who also engages and interacts with you. Learning about an item is so much fun and if the Dealer shares background information on a piece it makes it that much more special. Prices were super good too!! At past shows prices seemed really high and no one was interested in negotiating. This year prices were very reasonable and many Dealers even commented they would give up to 50% off!! Wow!!

America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017
This show really has something for everyone; young and old. You can find vintage clothing, lots of vintage jewelry and accessories, vintage neon signs, lots of kitchen collectibles and Pyrex, Fireking, Jadeite and so much more, even lots and lots of ephemera, lightening, Mid-Century Modern, items from the 1920s-1980s. Vintage Disney, tin toys, Hawaiiana, vintage Christmas, salvage, furniture, cameras, and so many more items!! Over 1,000 dealer booths. You can literally spend all day treasure hunting.
America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017 America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017 Expo Center
I filled up two large tote bags with treasures!! I especially love kitschy cute items that are anthropomorphic, vintage kitchen goodies from the 50s-60s, vintage Mermaids by Norcrest, Napco, Joty, Lefton, and Holt Howard too. Vintage 50s Poodles, clothing and lucite purses, Bakelite jewelry and I also love fine porcelains from Herend, Majolica, and Meissen. Mid-Century Modern lamps, dinnerware, and furniture too. Also, vintage Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Christian Dior…… sometimes you can find a treasure!

The next show is in October and it is the vintage Christmas show….. hmmmm, making plans for that one!!


Collecting Santa Claus Figures – Which Santa to Collect?

St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Father Frost, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel, Ded Moroz, and Santa Claus to name a few. He may have many different names but he is globally known and loved by all young, and old alike. Yes, he visits once a year, but for some, his presence is felt year-round.

Did you know there are many more Santa Claus collectors than snowmen or angel collectors! There is even a Santa Claus museum, one in Santa Claus, INTexas Santa Claus museum has many rare and fragile Santa Claus figurines made from celluloid; a precursor to plastic material made between 1860s-1940s. This museum also has an extraordinary 1970s Santa made from Readers Digest magazines. and a Santa Claus museum in Texas. The

There are collectors of Santa figurines that keep their displays up all year-round, and why not, it certainly makes for a jovial home when there is a Santa Claus or two smiling at you every time you walk into the room.  Some collectors display their Santa’s according to a particular theme like “Patriotic Santa” where the entire Santa’s are dressed in variations of red, white, and blue and wave little USA flags.

I simply adore the hand carved and hand painted Russian Santa figurines from Russia. An artist that hand carves the figurine from Linden wood then hand paints gorgeous scenes on the figure makes these Santa’s. During the harsh Russian winters, Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, drive his sleigh from deep within the forests to deliver gifts to the Russian people. Designs on these Santa’s can be so detailed with full painted scenes of children gathered around Christmas trees and Troika – 3 horses pulling a sleigh. Russian wooden Santa’s can range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Great site here for Russian Santas.

Another type of collectible Santa Claus figurine is Belsnickel. A Belsnickel is the fur-clad Santa or Old-World Santa that originated in northwestern Germany along the Rhine. In the 19th century the Belsnickel Santa was not a jolly roly-poly Santa we know today but rather a character that frightened the community. Belsnickel brought goodies for well-behaved girls and boys, and carried a whip and sticks to punish the naughty. Customs varied from community to community, but the enormous role of Belsnickel played in Christmas celebrations is evidenced by the many cookie cutters, chocolate molds, dolls, papier-mâché figurines, scrapbook cut outs, and postcards that survive from the era.

The 1950s-1960s Spaghetti Santa Claus figurines are desired today. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of the good old days these vintage Santa’s bring to those that collect them. Most of these Santa’s were imported from Japan by companies like Lefton, Irice, Napco, Holt Howard and Inarco to name a few and were painted with bright colors and shiny glazes. These vintage figurines can be bought today for $9.99 – $50.00 and really are charming!

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Delights at The Happiest Place on Earth

Just returned from the Happiest Place on Earth and had a Blast! Disneyland Park in California was so busy……. Seems like it is always the right time to visit and we saw so many darling children of all ages especially little “princesses” all dressed up as their favorite Princess character complete with hair and makeup, jewels and high heels. California Adventure park is getting some new attractions in the next year – Little Mermaid and Cars in 2012 looks like it will really knock your socks off when it opens!

Disneyland is all ready for Halloween and everywhere you look there are Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and decorations. Even the restaurants had cupcakes with pumpkins and Mickey’s and lollipops too. The Haunted Mansion had just re-opened and is so fancy with its Nightmare Before Christmas theme with Jack Skellington and if you go on the ride you get a great insight into how Jack has wrecked the halls…..Spectacular!!

Okay, some of the neat collectibles available only at the park are the cool mouse ears like this popcorn pair and lots of little boys were wearing the Pirate of Caribbean Mickey ears. Mickey ears come in every single Disney theme from Cars, numerous Princesses, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland etc…The Mickey Mouse ears can also be personalized right in front of your eyes with your name embroidered onto the back. Also, the park had the most amazing little works of art by artist Robert Olszewski and his miniature Galley of Light creations like this Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse. Robert Olszewski also has a line of “PokitPals” that are these lovely little trinket/keepsake boxes. Christmas decorations were just being put out and some cute figurines and ornaments were in some of the stores and the most colorful ones were from artist Jim Shore. Some artwork that was amazing was the mosaics that were made into famous Disney scenes and they were pricey but really amazing with their detail.

Hope you all get to visit the Happiest Place on Earth soon!


Happiest Place On Earth

We are heading to the happiest place on earth! I am so excited to get to spend a couple days with my husband in Disneyland.  One of the first attractions we will go see is the Haunted Mansion as it should be ready for visitors as it has been undercover being decorated for the holidays and Halloween is indeed one of the holidays! I will post pictures and let you all know what some of the “exclusive” new Disney collectibles are and many are only available at the park so please stay tuned!



As the country patiently waits in deep anticipation for the Alice In Wonderland movie opening this Friday March 5, 2010, the Alice In Wonderland collectibles market is soaring and has been for quite some time! Prices are REALLY going up and up and manufacturers cannot produce newer collectibles fast enough while collectors cannot buy-up vintage items quick enough. We posted an article back in February about collecting Alice In Wonderland items and mentioned that collectors felt prices were just starting to rise in anticipation of the movie release and since we have seen a very steady increase in price and values.

TOP 10 IN 2010 Alice In Wonderland Collectibles:

  • Disney – Alice In Wonderland Mouse Ears Hat, Limited Edition!
  • Stella McCartney’s Alice In Wonderland Jewelry Line with Swarovski Crystals
  • Alice, Mad Hatter T-shirts (visit here)
  • Red Queen T-shirts
  • The Red Queen and Mad Hatter Coffee Tea Mugs
  • Limited Edition Film Cels
  • Desk Accessories Sets
  • Figurines of Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Red Queen, White Queen
  • Alice In Wonderland Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Decorations

Currently on EBay the below Alice In Wonderland Collectibles are HOT:
Alice In Wonderland Frida Kahlo Folk Art Painting Oil $21,000,000.00
Alice in Wonderland Beswick Figurine Royal Doulton 1974 $799
This Alice in Wonderland “White Rabbit” figurine is by Beswick.  $325
Beswick Alice in Wonderland The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Figurine $340
Disney Alice in Wonderland Teapot signed by Elisabete Gomes $1,275
R John Wright Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland $1,575
Royal Doulton Cheshire Cat Alice Series figurine $295
7pcs. Alice in Wonderland Russian Nesting Doll  $575

Let’s just high prices for Alice In Wonderland Will Go!

Cheshire Cat Tote Bag Cheshire Cat Tote Bag

Cheshire Cat, We’re all mad here


Alice In Wonderland ~ Vintage and Modern Collectibles

Alice In Wonderland has always been a very collectible item and theme and both the young and the old can’t seem to get enough. It all started as a novel titled “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” back in 1865 written by an English gent named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the name Lewis Caroll. Today, we know the story as Alice in Wonderland and with the 2010 Tim Burton re-make of the classic with movie stars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, and Mia Wasikowska to name a few, they have all gotten together for a very important date and so, we just know this modern day version of Alice In Wonderland will create new collectors and those that have been collecting will certainly be adding to their collections!

Alice In Wonderland items are currently Sky Rocketing in price and everyone I have spoken with recently is not a bit surprised and some felt the prices were about to really spike up as the peak has yet to be reached! Below is a random sampling of Alice In Wonderland related items and what they are currently selling for on EBay, Tias, Rubylane, Vintagedisneyalice.blog, Alice-In-Wonderland, Collectalice, and Spiralvisions (images are from these websites}.

1893 Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland Book SIGNED BY DODGSON $9,500
1950s Alice in Wonderland Spinning Top Features colorful images of Alice with the Flamingo, the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and Humpty Dumpty. Made in the USA by Colmor – $125.00
1980s Alice in Wonderland Miniature Doll, Limited Edition of 1000 made by Tina Richardson for Small Bears For A Big World series. $95.00

Disney Alice In Wonderland Items:
2001 Disney Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Figurines on EBay $450
Alice in Wonderland Disney Animation $355
1950s Alice In Wonderland NAPCO Planter $125
Madame Alexander Alice In Wonderland Doll $85
3D Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Souvenir Spoon $135
1930s Alice In Wonderland “Come To Life” Pop-Up Book $495
1970s Alice In Wonderland children’s board game $63
Alice In Wonderland ‘The Duchess” Pewter Figurine $35
Alice In Wonderland “Mad Hatter” Royal Doulton Toby Jug $85
Alice In Wonderland Figurine for Disney by Armani $675

The Mad Tea Party Tote Bag The Mad Tea Party Tote Bag

This Alice in Wonderland tote bag features a vintage image of the Mad Tea Party. We’ve pixilated bits, sharpened others. The image is set off center. Lekker Brand.