The Best Holt-Howard Christmas Collectibles Insider Guide

Holt-Howard Starry Eyed Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers
Holt-Howard Starry Eyed Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers

In our exclusive, best Holt-Howard Christmas collectible insider guide, learn why these ceramics are so collectible and why prices are skyrocketing for these treasures. Holt-Howard’s vintage Christmas collectibles are renowned for their captivating charm and nostalgic allure, transporting us to a bygone era of festive celebrations. Join us in uncovering the stories behind these cherished pieces and learn how to build your own remarkable collection.

I have a blog post about collecting Holt-Howard Pixieware you can read that has information and some history about the Holt-Howard company and how it started, why they moved their ceramic manufacturing to Japan and has some neat pictures of the famous Holt-Howard Pixieware collectibles if you want to learn a little bit about the company.

Yasmina Greco collecting vintage Christmas

Last week we published post number 1 in our Vintage Christmas Collecting Series on collecting vintage NOEL sets and this week’s post is all about collecting Holt-Howard Christmas goodies so grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax as I share some of my favorite Holt-Howard collectibles with you.

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Vintage Christmas Noel Sets: The Best 5 Tips for Collectors

Yasmina Greco with her Vintage Christmas NOEL Collection

Vintage Christmas Noel Sets: The Ultimate 5 Tips for Collectors for collecting Noel figurines and candle holders from Santa Claus, Elves, Poodles, Snowmen, Angels, Candy Canes, Holt-Howard. You may have noticed that Christmas is in the air. That feeling of festivity and joy that comes with this time of year can be attributed to many things, but one of them surely has to be all the vintage kitschy decorations.

Vintage 1950s NOEL Angel Girl Bells - Japan
Vintage 1950s NOEL Angel Girl Bells – Japan

For me, one of my favorite things to do is pull out the vintage NOEL sets that I have been collecting for years and display these treasures as I get my home ready for Christmas. If you love a touch of nostalgia with some Mid-Century flair then you’ll want to curl up with your cocoa and read our new blog post on Collecting Vintage Christmas: Noel Sets for tips on buying, selling, and searching for these treasures.

Yasmina Greco’s Vintage Christmas NOEL Collection Kitschy Mid-Mod Decorations

Today’s blog post features some of my vintage Noel collection that dates from the 1950s-1960s and features Noel candle holders, Noel bells, and Noel figurines. When it comes to vintage Noel collectibles there are so many varieties and themes from Santa Claus, Elves, Poodles, Snowmen, Angels, Candy Canes, and even Clowns, that there really is something for everyone and you can easily have a theme each year for your holiday decorating too!!

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Vintage Christmas in Antique Booths: Holiday Success Tips

Vintage NOEL Sets - Christmas
Vintage NOEL Sets – Picture from The Golden Glow of Christmas from Pinterest

Experiencing “Vintage Christmas in Antique Booths” is truly a journey back in time. As the festive season looms, it’s the perfect moment to give your booth that nostalgic Christmas makeover. This transition doesn’t just resonate with the charm of bygone eras but also magnetizes holiday shoppers. Dive into our guide, brimming with “Holiday Success Tips” for your booth. Uncover which classic items are holiday hits and the best ways to display them, creating an ambiance that recalls cherished memories and kindles the Christmas spirit!

Picture is from my collection

Vintage Christmas Noel Angels
Vintage Christmas Noel Angels – My Personal Collection

Knowing What Customers Crave

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Mid-Century Magic: Portland’s Antique Mall Adventure

Oh, the joy of antiquing! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt for that perfect piece of the past to bring into the present. My recent antiquing spree in the charming city of Portland, Oregon was nothing short of magical. The city, with its quirky and retro vibe, is a treasure trove for lovers of mid-century modern, atomic, and retro vintage treasures.

My first stop was the famed Stars Antique Mall, a place where the past comes alive. The aisles were brimming with delightful finds from vintage furniture to quaint knick-knacks. I left with some amazing vintage pieces!! Each booth told a story of a bygone era waiting to be rediscovered. I enjoy shopping at Stars for a couple of reasons:

Stars Antique Mall
Stars Antique Mall

The Stars Antique Mall in Portland is a captivating blend of variety, space, and convenience, making it a must-visit hub for antique enthusiasts. Housing a lively community of 200 dealers, the mall offers a rich tapestry of merchandise ranging from Mid-Century Modern pieces of the 1950s-1960s, retro delights from the 1970s-1980s, vinyl records, whimsical kitchen kitsch, ephemeral items, charming figurines, novelties, and seasonal collectibles, among others.

This diverse array of merchandise not only creates a vibrant and dynamic shopping environment but also invites visitors into a nostalgic journey through time. Adding to its allure is the mall’s spacious and expansive layout, spread across two storefronts on the same block. The generous space provides a comfortable ambiance for shoppers to meander through the huge showrooms, making the exploration of antique and vintage treasures an exciting adventure.

Located in the quaint Westmoreland neighborhood of southeast Portland, the mall is easily accessible to both locals and visitors. To top off the delightful shopping experience, the vicinity boasts a range of refreshment options. Just a short stroll away, one can find a welcoming array of food and beverage outlets, from the comforting brews of Starbucks to the savory delights of Pizzicato, catering to every palate and making the antiquing adventure not just a feast for the eyes, but also a satisfying treat for the taste buds.

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Antique Booth Magic: Restock, Refresh, and Rejoice!

Antique Society Yasmina Greco finding Pyrex
Pyrex T-shirt

Ah, the world of antiques! Discover the joy of restocking your antique booth with our insightful guide! Learn the ideal restocking frequency and tips for a vibrant, enticing display. So, how often should you restock your antique booth, and how can you manage this task efficiently? Let’s dive in!

How Often Should You Restock?

The rhythm of restocking largely depends on foot traffic and sales. However, a general rule of thumb is to restock your booth at least once a week. This regular influx of new treasures not only keeps your display enticing but also gives regular visitors a reason to keep coming back. Oh, and let’s not forget the excitement that comes with unearthing new antique finds to fill your booth!

Tips on Efficient Restocking

1. Keep a Calendar:

Having a restocking schedule will be your lifesaver. Mark down the days dedicated to sourcing new antiques, and the days for restocking your booth. This way, you can plan your week around these crucial activities.

2. Inventory Management:

Invest in a simple inventory management system to keep track of what’s sold and what’s still available. This will help you identify the types of antiques that are flying off the shelves, so you can source similar items.

3. Theme Your Booth:

Every now and then, theme your booth around a certain era or style. This not only makes shopping a unique experience for your customers but also makes restocking a thrilling challenge for you.

4. Engage with Your Customers:

Talk to your customers and learn about their preferences. Their input can be invaluable in deciding what antiques to stock next.

5. Maintain a Wish List:

Sometimes you come across items that would be perfect for your booth but maybe it’s not the right time to purchase. Keep a wish list to jot down these finds; it’ll come in handy when you’re out sourcing new stock.

6. Network with Other Antique Dealers:

Building relationships with other dealers can lead to beneficial partnerships. Maybe they have excess stock in an area you’re lacking, and a trade or purchase could be beneficial for both.

Restocking your antique booth is an ongoing journey filled with discovery and delight. By staying organized and engaging with the antique community, you ensure that your booth remains a vibrant, ever-changing attraction for antique aficionados. So, embrace the adventure that comes with restocking, and watch as your booth continues to enchant and captivate the hearts of many!

If you savored this read, you’ll likely adore “Mastering the Antique Mall Business: A Dealer’s Perspective” for a deeper dive into the enchanting realm of selling antiques and collectibles.


Santa’s Sippin’ Secrets: The Joy of Collecting Santa Mugs

Collecting Santa Mugs
Collecting Santa Mugs

Ever been sippin’ on some holiday hot cocoa and thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a mug that truly captures the festive spirit of this drink”? Well, hold onto your mistletoes, because the world of Santa mugs is about to give your Christmas a caffeine kick!

1. The Nostalgic Nirvana:

Hand-Painted Stoneware Santa Mug

Vintage Santa mugs whisk us away on a retro reindeer ride back to a simpler time. Maybe it’s memories of Grandma’s house, the smell of cookies baking, or perhaps the pure kitsch appeal. These iconic crimson-cheeked, twinkly-eyed Santa’s are the perfect homage to Christmases past. Each mug carries a story, an era, and oodles of charm.

2. Spotting the Real (Santa) Deal:

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