Antique Harvest the Best Antique Shopping in Healdsburg, CA

Healdsburg, California is an idyllic paradise boasting a charming downtown shopping district and gorgeous vineyards. Nestled between two quaint hotels lies Antique Harvest – an incredible trove of treasures in the heart of Healdsburg Plaza and has the best antique shopping. Antique Harvest is sure to give you your nostalgia fix with its one-of-a kind antiques and collectibles. Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind store!

Antique Harvest Fabulous Booths
Pyrex and Mid-Century at Antique Harvest
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The Most Festive Christmas Decorations and Luxury Shopping

December, the month of cheer and enchantment! My sweet hubby and I had an unforgettable experience in San Francisco’s iconic Union Square for the most festive Christmas decorations, dresses, & shopping. The cheerful atmosphere was filled with vibrant twinkle lights, a stunning Christmas tree at its center surrounded by ice-skaters gliding across the rink, making it truly magical.

Our day included seeing gorgeous Tiffany ornaments with works from the late Andy Warhol adorning their trees; William Sonoma’s whimsical gingerbread window display and Louis Vuitton’s one-of-a kind Lego Christmas trees as part of their mesmerizing festive windows – all giving us that special dose of holiday spirit we were seeking for our day out!

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The Prettiest Time of Year: Leaf Peeping Season in California

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing color and the air is starting get cooler here in California. That can only mean one thing: leaf peeping season is here! For those who don’t know, leaf peeping is the term for admiring the changing leaves in autumn. Although New England is where leaf peeping really happens, we also have some changing colors here in Northern California too. Every year, thousands of people flock to the vineyards in our region to see the leaves in all their glory.

Why We Love Leaf Peeping Season

There’s just something about fall that makes us feel nostalgic. Maybe it’s the memories of going back to school or participating in fall sports. Or maybe it’s because fall is such a beautiful time of year. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that leaf peeping season is a special time. Here are a few reasons why we love it so much:

The Colors:

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Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Napa Valley

Napa Valley Fall
Napa Valley Fall Time – Yasmina Greco

Wine enthusiasts, listen up! Napa Valley, Northern California’s world-renowned wine haven, is calling your name, and there’s no better time to answer that call than during the fabulous fall season! As the grape leaves turn to a symphony of autumn hues, Napa Valley transforms into an enchanting wonderland that’s perfect for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Let’s explore why fall is the ultimate season for experiencing the true essence of Napa Valley’s charm.

The Weather is Perfect!! One of the best things about Napa Valley in the fall is the weather. During the summer months, it can get quite hot in Napa Valley. However, temperatures start to cool down in September and October, making it the perfect time to visit if you want to enjoy comfortable weather.

Fall Time California
Napa Valley Fall Time – Yasmina Greco

Another great thing about visiting Napa Valley in the fall is that you’ll get to see the leaves changing color. The vineyards and wineries are especially beautiful during this time of year as the leaves turn from green to shades of red and orange.

If you’re looking to avoid crowds, then fall is also a great time to visit Napa Valley. While the region does get busy during harvest season (which typically runs from August through October), things start to calm down again once November rolls around. So if you want to experience Napa Valley without all the crowds, plan your trip for sometime between November and March.

Napa Valley California Fall Photography
Napa Valley California Fall Photography Yasmina Greco

Whether you’re a fan of wine or just want to experience one of the most beautiful regions in California, there’s no better time to visit Napa Valley than during the fall months. From the perfect weather to the stunning scenery, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during a fall trip to Napa Valley. Bring you camera to capture all the beauty!! Have you been to Napa Valley in the fall? What was your favorite part?

Photos by my sweet hubby Gary | Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar by Upcycled Classics

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Square Pie Guys: SF’s Best Detroit-Style Pizza

Yasmina Greco Square Pie Guys Detroit-Style Pizza in San Francisco

Experience the best Detroit-style pepperoni pizza at Square Pie Guys, nestled in the heart of Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco. This is the ultimate destination for pizza enthusiasts seeking a deliciously satisfying square pie experience.

Craving a hearty slice of Detroit-style pizza? Look no further than Square Pie Guys in San Francisco, offering the finest square pies in town. Perfect for a quick meal or a fun outing with friends, you won’t be disappointed with their incredible menu options.

Square Pie Guys Detroit-Style Pizza in San Francisco

On a beautiful summer day, my husband Gary and I ventured to Square Pie Guys in Ghirardelli Square. This newly opened pizza haven boasts both indoor and outdoor seating, a drink counter, and friendly staff ready to serve. Ordering is a breeze with a QR code scanning system that directs you to their app.

Detroit-style square pizza in San Francisco at Ghirardelli Square – Square Pie Guys
Yasmina Greco Square Pie Guys Detroit-Style Pizza in San Francisco
Yasmina Greco Square Pie Guys Detroit-Style Pizza in San Francisco

We indulged in the 6×8 pizza with red sauce, 48 pavone pepperoni, cheddar cheese edge, and mozzarella. With a diverse menu catering to various tastes, you can choose from cheese, supreme, white sauce, vegetarian, all meat, honey-drizzled pork and pineapple, or even customize your own pizza. Don’t forget to try their salads, chicken wings, cheesy bread, crispy asparagus, and desserts. While traditional sodas aren’t available, they offer Acqua Panna Italian water, cocktails, beers, cola, and root beer.

Square Pie Guys Detroit-Style Pizza in San Francisco

The ambiance is light and welcoming, with attentive staff ensuring a pleasant experience. Our pizza arrived promptly, boasting an irresistible aroma and mouth-watering appearance. The crispy pepperoni and perfectly balanced red sauce combined with ooey-gooey cheese made this Detroit-style square pizza a delight. The stunning view of the San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island added to the unforgettable experience.

Square Pie Guys Detroit-Style Pizza in San Francisco – Ghirardelli Square

Let’s rate Square Pie Guys on a scale of 1 (being lowest) to 5 (being highest): 

Style/Crust : Detroit-style – 5

Sauce: Tasty red sauce –  5

Pepperoni Toppings: 5

Taste: 5

Presentation: 5

Experience: Location/Staff: 5 (location is incredible, right in the heart of San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square, service was good)

When in the Bay Area, don’t miss out on Square Pie Guys at Ghirardelli Square. Relish their delectable Detroit-style square pizzas while soaking in breathtaking views. Can’t visit in person? Explore our blog for more tantalizing reviews.

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All pics by my sweet hubby Gary Greco

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The Best Deep-Fried Foods at the County Fair

If there’s one thing that can get your heart racing, it’s a fair. Carnivals, county fairs – they’re all packed with excitement, thrill rides and delicious food. You never know what you’re going to find at a fair, which is why they’re always so much fun. This year, the Sonoma County Fair is back, and the theme is Tropical Fairadise. Dare to try out some of the rides and unique foods a the Sonoma County Fair!

Summertime is the perfect time to visit the local county fair and that is exactly what my hubby and I did the opening weekend of our local fair. I wanted to wear something that had my signature Pinup vibe and what could be better than this fun Cherry Velvet – Norma – Rainbow Ribbons – Magical Unicorn Dress. The print is enchanting with rainbows and unicorns floating through a magical galaxy with hints of glitter, hearts, and starbursts. The Norma dress is cut for curves and has pockets too!! You can read a previous post here about the figure flattering Norma dress. You can’t go wrong with a Cherry Velvet dress.

We got our tickets and walked through the gates and that familiar welcoming smell of deep-fried deliciousness was everywhere!! Oh my gosh, it is that familiar smell that immediately makes you hungry and puts everyone in a good mood. Monster corndogs, giant turkey legs, burgers, BBQ, giant pretzels, giant grilled sausages and peppers, mountain-high curly fries, cotton candy, funnel cakes, churros, and so many more yummy goodies to choose from. Hubby and I had our hearts set on the giant corn dogs and they did not disappoint!!

Carnival County Fair
Yasmina Greco – Carnival County Fair

The carnival rides sure looked incredible with The Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster that is Italian made, has three levels, and five coaster cars. Everyone’s favorite the Ferris Wheel, The Vertigo Towers, Turbo Speed, Wave Swinger, Inversion, Super Shot, Zipper, Carousel and many more. There were also rides for children so definitely something for everyone from daredevils and thrill seekers to families and children.

The usual carnival games like ring toss, balloon blast, and so many more were there. The prizes were stuffed Minion dolls, stuffed unicorns, and teddy bears and one vendor had some fun looking stuffed chili peppers, stuffed tomatoes, and stuffed emoji pillows and cubes. Something fun for everyone!!

Lots of entertainment  and competitions too from 4H, to flower shows, to build a scarecrow, and lots more. You really could stay busy all day long. The fair is so much fun and it has great people watching too. It was a super-hot day so after a couple of hours we were ready to head home.

The fair was everything I hoped for and more. There were so many things to see and do, my head was spinning by the time we left. If you’re in the mood for a little bit of magic, this is the perfect dress to wear. With its enchanting print, you’ll feel like a real-life fairy-tale character come to life. I highly recommend visiting your local county fair this summer.  Hope you all enjoyed seeing our day at the county fair!!