The Most Festive Christmas Decorations and Luxury Shopping

December, the month of cheer and enchantment! My sweet hubby and I had an unforgettable experience in San Francisco’s iconic Union Square for the most festive Christmas decorations, dresses, & shopping. The cheerful atmosphere was filled with vibrant twinkle lights, a stunning Christmas tree at its center surrounded by ice-skaters gliding across the rink, making it truly magical.

Our day included seeing gorgeous Tiffany ornaments with works from the late Andy Warhol adorning their trees; William Sonoma’s whimsical gingerbread window display and Louis Vuitton’s one-of-a kind Lego Christmas trees as part of their mesmerizing festive windows – all giving us that special dose of holiday spirit we were seeking for our day out!

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Little Treasures


This week’s treasures are very unique. We were antiquing in grand old bank that had been converted into a antiques shop complete with marble flooring and ornate ceiling and the vault area was just as decorated and found these lovely little treasures. The Art Deco bathing beauty is gorgeous and she has so much incredible detailing. The fact that she retains her original mohair wig and is decorated with pale blue stockings makes her that much more unique. We found the fun Min-Century Eames Era Holt Howard Cozy Kittens ashtray that actually squeaks/meows when the black nob is pushed. Also, the little vintage Sea Horse perfume bottle is so sweet. The stopper is very detailed and ornate. I just love all these little treasures. Please visit us Crazy4Me Ebay