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Yasmina Greco – Crazy4Me

Being in quarantine since March 16 has been so many things and with so many feelings. My hubby Gary and I are some of the very fortunate ones that continue to remain employed and working from home. We try to see the positive of sheltering at home and are grateful everyday to have the comforts we have. It is sad not to see family and friends but we are all healthy and that is what matters most.

Yasmina Greco with UpcycledClassics Custom Polaraoid Camera by Gary Greco
Yasmina Greco – Mini Mouse Disneyland Donald Duck

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Delights at The Happiest Place on Earth

Just returned from the Happiest Place on Earth and had a Blast! Disneyland Park in California was so busy……. Seems like it is always the right time to visit and we saw so many darling children of all ages especially little “princesses” all dressed up as their favorite Princess character complete with hair and makeup, jewels and high heels. California Adventure park is getting some new attractions in the next year – Little Mermaid and Cars in 2012 looks like it will really knock your socks off when it opens!

Disneyland is all ready for Halloween and everywhere you look there are Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and decorations. Even the restaurants had cupcakes with pumpkins and Mickey’s and lollipops too. The Haunted Mansion had just re-opened and is so fancy with its Nightmare Before Christmas theme with Jack Skellington and if you go on the ride you get a great insight into how Jack has wrecked the halls…..Spectacular!!

Okay, some of the neat collectibles available only at the park are the cool mouse ears like this popcorn pair and lots of little boys were wearing the Pirate of Caribbean Mickey ears. Mickey ears come in every single Disney theme from Cars, numerous Princesses, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland etc…The Mickey Mouse ears can also be personalized right in front of your eyes with your name embroidered onto the back. Also, the park had the most amazing little works of art by artist Robert Olszewski and his miniature Galley of Light creations like this Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse. Robert Olszewski also has a line of “PokitPals” that are these lovely little trinket/keepsake boxes. Christmas decorations were just being put out and some cute figurines and ornaments were in some of the stores and the most colorful ones were from artist Jim Shore. Some artwork that was amazing was the mosaics that were made into famous Disney scenes and they were pricey but really amazing with their detail.

Hope you all get to visit the Happiest Place on Earth soon!


Happiest Place On Earth

We are heading to the happiest place on earth! I am so excited to get to spend a couple days with my husband in Disneyland.  One of the first attractions we will go see is the Haunted Mansion as it should be ready for visitors as it has been undercover being decorated for the holidays and Halloween is indeed one of the holidays! I will post pictures and let you all know what some of the “exclusive” new Disney collectibles are and many are only available at the park so please stay tuned!