Highlights from America’s Largest Antique & Collectible Show July 2017 in Portland Oregon

America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017

Here is a full report from my annual trip to America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show that is held each July in Portland, Oregon with over 1,000 booths.  The past few years have been more bust than bang but, this year was great. There is usually a lot of chaos getting attendees parked and the lines had been terrible in the past. This year they had it better managed and we got parked within 15mins of the show starting. We try to arrive early as doors open at 9:00 am and you usually need to wait in the ticket line for your tickets then join another line to get inside. The show is held in-doors and outdoors at the Portland Expo Center. Bathrooms are clean and plentiful. Lots of food courts too with seating so never worry about being thirsty or hungry!!

My twin sister and I have been attending America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show for the past few years so we have our strategy down pretty good. But, she was not able to join me this year due to illness so my niece was joining me. It wasn’t quite the same without my sister and we missed her terribly. The weather was gorgeous for Portland and super warm. July in Portland tends to be a scorcher!! Attendees were excited and in good spirits, folks were eager to get started with their treasure hunting. There were also lots and lots of outdoor booths!!
America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017 - Pyrex

America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017
Once inside, it was full steam ahead!! After going through a few booths it was apparent that Dealers this year were in very good spirits and super friendly. The past few shows Dealers were really grumpy but this year was different. It is so much more pleasant to shop in a booth with a cheerful Dealer who also engages and interacts with you. Learning about an item is so much fun and if the Dealer shares background information on a piece it makes it that much more special. Prices were super good too!! At past shows prices seemed really high and no one was interested in negotiating. This year prices were very reasonable and many Dealers even commented they would give up to 50% off!! Wow!!

America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017
This show really has something for everyone; young and old. You can find vintage clothing, lots of vintage jewelry and accessories, vintage neon signs, lots of kitchen collectibles and Pyrex, Fireking, Jadeite and so much more, even lots and lots of ephemera, lightening, Mid-Century Modern, items from the 1920s-1980s. Vintage Disney, tin toys, Hawaiiana, vintage Christmas, salvage, furniture, cameras, and so many more items!! Over 1,000 dealer booths. You can literally spend all day treasure hunting.
America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017 America’s Largest Antiques and Collectibles Show July 2017 Expo Center
I filled up two large tote bags with treasures!! I especially love kitschy cute items that are anthropomorphic, vintage kitchen goodies from the 50s-60s, vintage Mermaids by Norcrest, Napco, Joty, Lefton, and Holt Howard too. Vintage 50s Poodles, clothing and lucite purses, Bakelite jewelry and I also love fine porcelains from Herend, Majolica, and Meissen. Mid-Century Modern lamps, dinnerware, and furniture too. Also, vintage Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Christian Dior…… sometimes you can find a treasure!

The next show is in October and it is the vintage Christmas show….. hmmmm, making plans for that one!!


Vintage Clothing Care Tips for 1950s Beaded Cardigans

Vintage 1950s Blue Beaded Cardigan - Pinup Girl

The 1950s vintage bug has bitten me! I especially adore the cashmere-beaded cardigans. I am starting a collection, much to the dismay of bank account , however, these 1950s vintage cardigans are made from absolute quality materials and the beading work is usually all hand done so there is so much to appreciate on these 60+ year old items.

So, if you are fortunate enough to have inherited some or maybe even purchased your first vintage 1950s beaded cardigan, here are a few tips on how to properly care for them.

Vintage 1950s Beaded Cardigan

Moth Holes: Many cardigans will come with their share of moth holes. You can actually fix the holes using a fine needle and single thread. Sew in a circle rather than line and be very gentle.

Cleaning the Cardigan: Many vintage 1950s beaded cardigans are washable by hand as long as they have a nylon silky lining. A little Woolite will do wonders. Remember to be very gentle. Drying on a sweater rack works really well. If your cardigan has pilling, do not use a shaver, as this will tear the delicate material. Rather, be gentle and pull the pilling off.

Vintage 1950s Colorful Beaded Cardigan - Pinup Girl

Storing the Cardigan: If your cardigan had its share of moth holes, then you know just how delicate and prone to moths they are. If you have a cedar chest, then by all means store it in there. If using a dresser, then folding your sweater with tissue paper tucked into the folds along with some mothballs or moth repellant sachets. This will protect your cardigan and preserve it for many years and wearing’s to come.
Vintage Beige Neutral Beaded Cardigan


Happy New Year! 2014 Vintage Collectibles List is Here

ac_2014acpriceguidevp-500It’s New Year’s Eve today. I hope you all have been having a splendid time with your family and friends this holiday season.  Have you managed to get out and do some antiquing, thrifting, or junking? Its nearly time to take down the Christmas decorations but I have decided I am going to keep most of my vintage Christmas items (figurines, bottle brush trees, Putz houses and more) up in my curio cabinet as it gives me so much joy to look at them…..I am not ready to pack them away.

Many of my regular readers know I compile a list each New Year of what the ‘hot’ collectibles are predicted to be. Here is the 2014 list. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2014 with LOTS of good thrifting, junking, and antiquing!!

2014 Top Vintage Collectibles:

  • Vintage Clothing
  • Art Deco
  • Vintage Erotica
  • Vintage Jewelry and Wristwatches
  • Vintage Bakelite
  • Pre-1930s Clocks
  • Vintage Colorful Glass
  • Vintage Animal Figurines
  • Vintage Cameras
  • Mid-Century Modern

Day 6: Some Vintage Pink!

I have been to Vintage Pink last year and was excited to get to visit today. I absolutely LOVE the name and the way the store looks on the outside and inside. Vintage Pink really has an awesome selection of vintage, retro and mod furniture, clothing, shoes, handbags, collectibles, jewelry and books/magazines. Vintage Pink is always clean and items are really in great condition and the staff is super nice, friendly and always helpful. I found some cool furniture I would love to have but the store is in Oregon and my home is in Texas so that is a problem.

If you are ever in Portland, Oregon, you will want to head to trendy Hawthorne Blvd. and visit Vintage Pink – you will not be disappointed and find tons of great stuff!!!

Vintage Pink
2500 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 224-8100