Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly x Coca-Cola Collaboration Celebrating Women of all Shapes and Sizes

Yasmina Greco wearing Stitch Shoppe X Coca-Cola Bottle Cap AOP Desy Dress

I absolutely love old-fashioned diners and burger joints with classic cherry red and bright white colors as it just screams 1950s Americana and I was so excited to partner with Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly for the launch of their brand new Coca-Cola collaboration that features several dresses and separates with a modern take on vintage styles that are made for everyone with an inclusive size range from Small to 4XL. 

Yasmina Greco Polaroid picture wearing Stitch Shoppe X Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Desy Dress

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Disney Dreaming

Yasmina Greco – Crazy4Me

Being in quarantine since March 16 has been so many things and with so many feelings. My hubby Gary and I are some of the very fortunate ones that continue to remain employed and working from home. We try to see the positive of sheltering at home and are grateful everyday to have the comforts we have. It is sad not to see family and friends but we are all healthy and that is what matters most.

Yasmina Greco with UpcycledClassics Custom Polaraoid Camera by Gary Greco
Yasmina Greco – Mini Mouse Disneyland Donald Duck

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The 5 Best Instagramable Spots in Sonoma County California

Most Instagramable Spots in Sonoma County

From world-class wineries to Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Brown, the Northern California towns of Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Bodega Bay, Healdsburg, and Petaluma are like no other, each with their own personality and character. Below are my top 5 Best Instagramable spots of Sonoma County Calfornia and some travel tips and hot spots too.

15 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 50 miles from San Francisco is the quaint town of Sebastopol. You will find several antique shops, art galleries, artisan restaurants and bakeries in Sebastopol. Tourists flock to this little gem of a town and the atmosphere is very laid back and unpretentious. Locals that live in Sebastopol know they are blessed and are as friendly as can be. Florence Avenue is a cute section with cottages and lots of neat sculptures that decorate the yards known as junk art and I will do a post about that soon. But I want to share these two super cute blue walls located at the intersection of Bodega Ave. and Edman Way. The wall with the bees and the wall with the colorful pipes are Instagram perfect!! Shops and restaurants are very close by and there are those fabulous junk art sculptures all over making for even more Instagram pic goodness.

Sebastopol Instagram Yasmina Greco Pinup Girl Clothing

Sebastopol also has the campus of a tech and learning company O’Reilly Media that has gardens and grounds open to the community. You can drive up and take a lovely nature walk and snap Instragramable pics on your adventure. There is a new trendy section in Sebastopol called The Barlow and there are some cool metal corrugated walls, lots of artisan restaurants, shops, and communal areas that make for great Instagramable pics. Have your breakfast, lunch or dinner while you explore. Also the super neat old Purina factory and feed store is across the street and has some a mural and lots of country charm that would be great for Instagram pics.

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Pop Art Pinup Princess

Yasmina Greco - Pop Art

Get ready to stand out in a crowd!! The Pop-Art-Princess skirt from Pigtails and Pirates embodies the 1950s pop art movement with imagery from advertisements, comic books, and the kitschy elements of cultural life.  When I first saw this skirt all I could think was Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein’s influence are all here in this one fabulous skirt…. Must have it!!

Yasmina Greco with Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera

              Yasmina Greco – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera

As many of you know I am no stranger to color…. The brighter and bolder the better.  Wearing bright and colorful outfits gives me so much energy and I feel so vibrant and full of life!! I was so excited to receive this fabulous skirt and could not wait to do a photoshoot in it. I knew I wanted to have a vintage Polaroid camera (thank you my hubby Gary)  as my prop and thought Andy Warhol would have liked that too and then we had this amazing vintage bright yellow Sculptura Donut Phone by Western Electric Company that would be too much fun to use as a prop.

Yasmina Greco - Pinup El Gato Gomez Painting

         Yasmina Greco – Pinup El Gato Gomez Painting

In these pictures taken by my very talented hubby Gary, I am wearing the skirt in an Australian 16 and find it fits my waist nicely and lies perfectly against my curvy hips. I paired it with my simple yet sexy white Doris top from Pinup Girl Clothing and a teal green belt. The skirt does accommodate a light petticoat.

Yasmina Greco Pinup - Sculptura Donut Phone

            Yasmina Greco Pinup – Vintage Sculptura Donut Phone

The pattern pops so much and the colors are brilliant. Our set included my hubby’s handy work on the wall clock and our specially painted Godzilla painting from El Gato Gomez. It was great fun shooting the skirt with our cool props. I hope you reach out to Laura; owner of Pigtails and Pirates and not only see what beautiful dresses and outfits she makes but you can also ask her about custom orders too (she makes my dresses to fit me with the top half larger in size to the waist/skirt).  Laura is so creative with her color combos and fabrics. Right now on the Pigtails and Pirates website is a delicious looking Sushi print dress, Beauty and the Beast stunner and so much more, I can’t wait to hear which your favorites are!!


Cool Vintage Cameras – New Etsy Store: Upcycled Classics

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.21.29 PM

Hi everyone, hope your Black Friday has been safe and for those that braved it and went to the malls…. did you score any deals?? We didn’t end up going anywhere today. Instead, my husband was hard at work and opened his brand new Etsy store – UpcycledClassics. He has a passion for vintage cameras and has found a way to combine his passion for photography, cameras, and art into these one-of-a-kind UpcycledClassics. He tests each and every camera to make sure it is in working condition; he actually locates the vintage film for these Pentax, Kodak and Polaroids and takes photos with each camera, cleans each, adjusts len’s and puts in new batteries and more and then gives them a whole new look with a blast of fabulous color. If you are into photography, art, or vintage cameras or know someone that is, would you please help spread the word of the UpcycledClassics store. Thank you in advance!!