Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Napa Valley

Napa Valley Fall
Napa Valley Fall Time – Yasmina Greco

Wine enthusiasts, listen up! Napa Valley, Northern California’s world-renowned wine haven, is calling your name, and there’s no better time to answer that call than during the fabulous fall season! As the grape leaves turn to a symphony of autumn hues, Napa Valley transforms into an enchanting wonderland that’s perfect for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Let’s explore why fall is the ultimate season for experiencing the true essence of Napa Valley’s charm.

The Weather is Perfect!! One of the best things about Napa Valley in the fall is the weather. During the summer months, it can get quite hot in Napa Valley. However, temperatures start to cool down in September and October, making it the perfect time to visit if you want to enjoy comfortable weather.

Fall Time California
Napa Valley Fall Time – Yasmina Greco

Another great thing about visiting Napa Valley in the fall is that you’ll get to see the leaves changing color. The vineyards and wineries are especially beautiful during this time of year as the leaves turn from green to shades of red and orange.

If you’re looking to avoid crowds, then fall is also a great time to visit Napa Valley. While the region does get busy during harvest season (which typically runs from August through October), things start to calm down again once November rolls around. So if you want to experience Napa Valley without all the crowds, plan your trip for sometime between November and March.

Napa Valley California Fall Photography
Napa Valley California Fall Photography Yasmina Greco

Whether you’re a fan of wine or just want to experience one of the most beautiful regions in California, there’s no better time to visit Napa Valley than during the fall months. From the perfect weather to the stunning scenery, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during a fall trip to Napa Valley. Bring you camera to capture all the beauty!! Have you been to Napa Valley in the fall? What was your favorite part?

Photos by my sweet hubby Gary | Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar by Upcycled Classics

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Pop Art Pinup Princess

Yasmina Greco - Pop Art

Get ready to stand out in a crowd!! The Pop-Art-Princess skirt from Pigtails and Pirates embodies the 1950s pop art movement with imagery from advertisements, comic books, and the kitschy elements of cultural life.  When I first saw this skirt all I could think was Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein’s influence are all here in this one fabulous skirt…. Must have it!!

Yasmina Greco with Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera

              Yasmina Greco – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera

As many of you know I am no stranger to color…. The brighter and bolder the better.  Wearing bright and colorful outfits gives me so much energy and I feel so vibrant and full of life!! I was so excited to receive this fabulous skirt and could not wait to do a photoshoot in it. I knew I wanted to have a vintage Polaroid camera (thank you my hubby Gary)  as my prop and thought Andy Warhol would have liked that too and then we had this amazing vintage bright yellow Sculptura Donut Phone by Western Electric Company that would be too much fun to use as a prop.

Yasmina Greco - Pinup El Gato Gomez Painting

         Yasmina Greco – Pinup El Gato Gomez Painting

In these pictures taken by my very talented hubby Gary, I am wearing the skirt in an Australian 16 and find it fits my waist nicely and lies perfectly against my curvy hips. I paired it with my simple yet sexy white Doris top from Pinup Girl Clothing and a teal green belt. The skirt does accommodate a light petticoat.

Yasmina Greco Pinup - Sculptura Donut Phone

            Yasmina Greco Pinup – Vintage Sculptura Donut Phone

The pattern pops so much and the colors are brilliant. Our set included my hubby’s handy work on the wall clock and our specially painted Godzilla painting from El Gato Gomez. It was great fun shooting the skirt with our cool props. I hope you reach out to Laura; owner of Pigtails and Pirates and not only see what beautiful dresses and outfits she makes but you can also ask her about custom orders too (she makes my dresses to fit me with the top half larger in size to the waist/skirt).  Laura is so creative with her color combos and fabrics. Right now on the Pigtails and Pirates website is a delicious looking Sushi print dress, Beauty and the Beast stunner and so much more, I can’t wait to hear which your favorites are!!


Review: Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print – The Full-Busted Pinup Girl’s Best Friend

Yasmina Greco -  Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in  Orange Border Print

           Yasmina Greco – Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print

Bright, happy, elegant, effortless, and colorful are all words I think of when I where this dress the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print and I am so happy I snapped it up when it was restocked at Pinup Girl Clothing. The print is amazing, one of the best novelty prints I have ever seen. Reminds me of 1950s Florida and I love that the oranges range in colors of yellow to bright orange and go from small to bigger on the hanging branches.

In these pictures that my wonderful hubby who does amazing things with vintage cameras over at Upcycled Classics snapped of me, I have my Pinup Couture Wicker Baguette Purse in lime green and added a simple yellow cardigan. I felt glamorous and chic, like I was on the Riviera. We snapped some pics on the front porch with fluffy puppy Luna then headed to a lovely outdoor antique and collectible show. I was comfortable and relaxed and received so many compliments.

Yasmina Greco -  Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in  Orange Border Print

                           Yasmina Greco – Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print

The Jenny dress is one of my wardrobe staples and I don’t have nearly enough!! When you are a full-busted gal like myself it is very hard to find dresses that fit, have style, and have such great novelty prints and that is why the Jenny is a staple for me. I always feel put together and effortless. The dress is styled after the 1960s sundresses. The first thing you notice when you step into the dress is that the bodice is lined, boned, and fused. The lovely orange colored straps are adjustable so you can show as much or as little of your curves as you are comfortable with. Because of the adjustable straps and boning, the dress has incredible structure and will flatter a range of bust sizes, even those of us blessed with full-bust lines can comfortably wear this gorgeous dress and feel very put together and chic. The skirt on the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print is much like the Jenny skirts, a very full circle skirt and the material is a luxurious sateen that holds pleats and shape incredibly and this version even has pockets!! Zips nicely up the back and nips in your waist. Also, this one comes with a matching orange belt and that adds just the right amount of flair. Be prepared for lots of compliments!!

Yasmina Greco -  Pinup Girl Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print - Pinup Couture Wicker Baguette Purse

 Yasmina Greco – Pinup Girl Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print –          Pinup Couture Wicker Baguette Purse


I am wearing the Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print in a 2XL (all my Jenny dresses are 2XL) and this size accommodates my full bust, yes, it is very roomy in the waist as I take XL in Jenny skirts but I love having the option of adding a belt to take in some of the excess fabric if I prefer, depending on how much waist definition I want that day.

Yasmina Greco -  Pinup Girl Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print - Pinup Couture Wicker Baguette Purse

Yasmina Greco – Jenny Dress Orange Border – Pinup Couture Wicker Baguette Purse

Hurray and snap up the beautiful Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print while sizes are in stock, you will be happy with it!!


Happy Thanksgiving – Pinup Style

Vintage Pinup Thanksgiving

Picture from Pinterest

Hope you all are with loved ones and friends today enjoying yummy foods, lots and lots of laughter and sharing all that you are thankful for. Today is the second Thanksgiving in our house and the sun is shining outside, our puppy dog Luna woke up happy and excited and soon our bird will be in the oven and the delicious smell of Thanksgiving will be wafting through our house… hmmmm, maybe Luna knows this? Ha!

The past few months have been out-of-this-world amazing for us. We are both healthy and wakeup each morning with a zest for life. Ok, the 4 shot espresso hubby brings me in bed helps 🙂 I am thankful for my hubby!! I am thankful that my husband and I are more in love than ever, we celebrated 15years of marriage in September and I am grateful for sharing my life with him, all the love and laughter we share each and everyday!! We worked very hard to have been able to settle in gorgeous California wine country and our house couldn’t be anymore perfect, our orange tree out front already has oranges!! My husband continues to expand his vintage camera business and it is so rewarding when his customers write him and share how much joy and fun they have using his amazing UpcycledClassics cameras and how many people give his cameras as gifts all over the world. His vision was to bring back the joy of shooting with Polaroid cameras and with his incredible color combos, these cameras really are dynamite!! I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had this year. If you are a follower of my blog you might recall I made a change to my wardrobe and styling where I started dressing in vintage/vintage inspired clothing and incorporating a Pinup Girl style. I have never felt as beautiful and feminine as I do these days. Talk about a confidence boost!! I have also been featured in magazines and websites modeling….. yes, modeling! Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a model 🙂 I have lots of exciting projects coming out in 2016 so stay tuned for details. But, I am grateful and thankful for the opportunities that are coming my way and my dream is to be a successful motivational public speaker so this platform is helping with exposure and getting to share my message. Spiritually, I am in the best place. I had some situations and experiences this year and I am a new person spiritually. I am so thankful!! I am also thankful that my twin sister, nieces and family all have a close relationship, not a single day goes by where we don’t talk or text. I am thankful to all my blog and social media friends, your support is incredible!! We are very blessed and fortunate for all the love, material possessions, and having such amazing people in our lives.

I did a recent photoshoot that was Christmas themed, I will start sharing pics on my blog here in December, just a couple days away, and social media Instagram and Twitter a Christmas pic a week so stay tuned.

Vineyards Fall 2015 California

A couple pics I snapped yesterday of the vineyards, leaves are glorious and full of Fall colors!! In a few days however the leaves will have dropped and the vines will be sticks…..until late May when they start to bloom again.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!