Antique Society: A Treasure Trove in the Heart of Sebastopol!

Hey, time-travelers and history hunters! Grab your magnifying glasses and put on your safari hats, because we’re about to journey into an oasis of antiquity – the Antique Society in Sebastopol, CA! This isn’t your typical antique shop; it’s an eclectic community of over 125 dealers under one roof, each showcasing a diverse array of treasures waiting to be discovered.

From the moment you step inside this charming brick and mortar, you’re greeted with an atmosphere that’s as captivating as it is inviting. The air is perfumed with a mix of old wood, time-worn books, and a dash of nostalgia. The sound? Oh, just the soft hum of conversation, punctuated by the delighted gasps of patrons unearthing a hidden gem.

Antique Society specializes in a wide range of categories. Fancy some Victorian-era furniture? They’ve got you covered. On the lookout for vintage jewelry? Look no further. Hunting for mid-century modern decor, retro kitchenware, Pyrex or classic vinyl records? Check, check, and check! The store is laid out in a maze of mini-stores, each dealer curating their space with their unique style and specialty. It’s like hopping between different decades with every turn.

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The Pretty Dress Company Figure Flattering Vintage-Inspired Dresses

The Pretty Dress Company Myla Dress

Springtime in California is marvelous. The sun shines brightly but not too hot and there is a gentle breeze blowing. Everything is blooming and the air is perfumed with jasmine, roses, and orange blossoms. The vineyards here in wine country are just starting to bloom and what could be better than getting all dolled up in a figure flattering dress by Pretty Dress Company and spending the day at the stunning Ferrari Carano winery.

There’s something about a pretty dress that just makes everything feel a little more magical. Maybe it’s the way they swish and sway when you walk, or the way they make you feel feminine and beautiful. A day at the winery is all about dressing up in your prettiest dress and enjoying a day of wine tasting and relaxation.

That’s why I was excited to collaborate with the UK based Pretty Dress Company as they make vintage-inspired clothing that is figure flattering, chic, and makes you feel magical. I had selected a couple of dresses to review and style, and they came very quickly (within a couple of days) all the way from the UK to California. I decided to wear this cobalt blue Myla dress because the blue color is so vivid and lovely and I thought it would really pop for a trip to the vineyards.

Fearri Carano Winery Yasmina Greco

The Myla dress has a classic silhouette with a very full circle skirt, v neck, and fitted bodice. I was not sure which size to order and decided to order one size up and I am very glad that I did as the dress fit a bit tight on my bust but was still very comfortable and the fabric has a little stretch as it is made from stretch lux crepe.

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Antique Harvest the Best Antique Shopping in Healdsburg, CA

Healdsburg, California is an idyllic paradise boasting a charming downtown shopping district and gorgeous vineyards. Nestled between two quaint hotels lies Antique Harvest – an incredible trove of treasures in the heart of Healdsburg Plaza and has the best antique shopping. Antique Harvest is sure to give you your nostalgia fix with its one-of-a kind antiques and collectibles. Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind store!

Antique Harvest Fabulous Booths
Pyrex and Mid-Century at Antique Harvest
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California beach day in my curvy girl dress by Cherry Velvet

Curvy Pin-Up

It is officially the middle of summertime, and that means one thing: time to hit the beach! The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the breeze is blowing. What could be better than spending a day at the beach in Bodega Bay? So grab your sunscreen, your towel, and your sandals, and let’s go!

If you’re anything like me, then a day at the beach usually means packing several items of clothing so you have something for any occasion. But not today! Today, I’m wearing my lovely Norma – Siren Scales – Mermaid vintage style curvy pin-up dress from Cherry Velvet and I’m good to go. Not only does this dress look great on the sand, but it’s also perfect for a day by the water or walking through the cute little beach towns. With its light fabric and flowing skirt, I’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long. The colors in this dress range from blue, aqua, sea-foam green, pink and darker purple pink and look absolutely stunning next to the shimmering sea. I love how this dress fits my curvy shape so nicely and enhances my figure. This dress also has pockets!!

Pinup Girl at the Beach
Yasmina Greco Beach Day in Cherry Velvet

It was a very busy day in Bodega Bay with lots and lots of people all around, but we found a lovely spot overlooking the ocean and my sweet hubby took these stunning pics of me. It felt incredible to be at the beach and feel the breeze on our skin and see the beautiful sparkling water and take a moment to be still and listen to the waves crashing. It was very rejuvenating and great for our souls.

Vintage Beach Pinup
Yasmina Greco Beach Day in Cherry Velvet

We even found a lovely mermaid sculpture for me to pose by and my little vintage fishy purse was the perfect accessory. I had my cardigan too as the breeze was a little cool at times and this dress has so many fun colors that it is easy to dress up and accessorize with a cardigan to match the colors. I received so many compliments on my dress.

Vintage Mermaid Pinup Girl
Yasmina Greco Mermaid Dress

I’m not sure what the scientific explanation is for it, but there’s something about the beach that makes me feel wonderful. Maybe it’s the endless horizon or the sound of waves crashing against the shore. In case you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration to get your summer wardrobe together, this dress is perfect for a day at the beach, for your next vacation, or enjoying your summer days so visit Cherry Velvet (size inclusive from Small-3X)  and get yours before they all sell out. If you are in Northern California and have time to visit Bodega Bay I encourage you to do so as you will most certainly enjoy your time here!!

Fall is Calling in California Wine Country

This is a bittersweet post for me. We shot these pictures the day before another horrific wildfire broke out in California’s beautiful wine country. Although we are very fortunate and beyond grateful to still have a home, hundreds of people are not and so many businesses and world famous wineries burnt down. For those not familiar with this latest wildfire it is the Glass Fire in Napa/Calistoga, California. 

It was a warm and glorious Autumn day and we drove out to our local vineyards for a Fall photoshoot. I wanted to wear a colorful dress because I felt so happy and never tired of the beautiful vineyard views. Many vineyards are currently in harvesting mode here but we managed to find some that still had lush grapes hanging on the vine!!

My accessories today are all by Erstwilder and they are part of the brand new Fan Favorites launch happening tonight. Erstwilder is a company based in Melbourne, Australia (I have partnered with them many times here, here, here, here, and here) and they do so much good for their community from food bank donations to helping the animals and wildlife and they did a lot for the animals during the tragic wildfires that happened earlier this year in Australia. 

How fun is my Cyril the Sloth necklace!! I love his cute little face and he is perfect to wear for all seasons. I thought Cyril complimented the large Tarsier I posed with. Cyril comes with an adjustable chain and it will fit comfortably on you. Cyril will sell out very fast so hurry to Erstwilder to snap him up!!

I sure have a thing for pretty birds and could not resist my beautiful Betty Jo Sparrow brooch. The colors on this birdy are spectacular and she will match all my outfits this season. I especially enjoy wearing these lovely Erstwilder pieces when I am on my Zoom calls as my teammates and colleagues also like to see what I will be wearing next.  You can snap up Betty Jo Sparrow here before she sells out!!

How spectacular is my Lacey of the Lily frog brooch, I love the bright green colors! Now this is a brooch to wear all year round and it will enhance all your outfits. I love the size of the brooch, not too small but perfect and looks lovely on someone with a curvy figure and full bust. So easy to wear and adds a brilliant pop of color. You know this one will jump right into everyone cart so hurry to Erstwilder and snap yours up now!!

This was a fun photoshoot in the beautiful California vineyards that turned tragic with the Glass Fire. The fire has been burning for over 1 week now, over 65,000 acres burned. Our frontline responders and all the firefighters are doing such a tremendous job and they are all so courageous!! We can thank them enough!! Hoping the fire is under control very soon and everyone will  be safe. 

Disney Dreaming

Yasmina Greco – Crazy4Me

Being in quarantine since March 16 has been so many things and with so many feelings. My hubby Gary and I are some of the very fortunate ones that continue to remain employed and working from home. We try to see the positive of sheltering at home and are grateful everyday to have the comforts we have. It is sad not to see family and friends but we are all healthy and that is what matters most.

Yasmina Greco with UpcycledClassics Custom Polaraoid Camera by Gary Greco
Yasmina Greco – Mini Mouse Disneyland Donald Duck

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