About Me

Vintage Coca-Cola Girl
Yasmina Greco

Yasmina blends her international roots with classic, curve friendly styles that have a vintage flair. Working in tech by day in Silicon Valley and being an internationally-published Pinup model and collector of antiques, vintage, and Mid-Century Modern with a passion for 1950s-1960s ceramics that make people happy with their bright colors, cute faces, charming expressions, and whimsical designs. Yasmina’s unique perspective on fashion and decor helps her create looks that are both timeless and modern.

Yasmina lives in San Francisco with her husband Gary and their adorable Bichon Frise puppy dog. She started her Crazy4Me blog over a decade ago to share her journey as a naturally curvy woman and the clothing styles she’s found that make her feel confident and empowered; she hopes to do the same for you! She also enjoys travel adventures, the thrill of the hunt for antiques and collectibles and has written numerous articles on collecting vintage as well as published numerous price guides.

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