🎃Everyday is Halloween with Erstwilder and Kitschy Witch Designs🎃

Yasmina Greco Erstwilder Kitschy Witch Designs Halloween

Get ready for some hauntingly cute Halloween jewelry from the 2020 Erstwilder and Kitschy Witch Designs collaboration. I am so excited to have partnered with Erstwilder for this spooktacular collection and it will no doubt sell out very quickly so if you see any pieces you like then hurry on over to Erstwilder and snap up what you can!!

I adore the Cursed Cuppa brooch set. It is actually two separate brooches that make up this set. A fabulous teapot with an owl and a teacup decorated with stars and moons and both pieces are dimensional and done up in the perfect Halloween colors of orange, black and purple.  I love how this collection also has special artwork for the box from Kitschy Witch Designs and Erstwilder. When you turn the box over there is also a cute little witch!!

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Too Cute to Spook Pinup Girl Style

Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Lantern Border Print

October means lots of fun Halloween and Fall Pinup shoots so there is a lot more to come on my blog this season!!

I have always loved the vintage Halloween paper mache jack-o-lanterns and candy boxes from the 1940s and 1950s that were created in all kinds of spooky and fun Halloween images of ghosts, goblins, witches, skeletons and black cats. When I saw this Pinup Couture Jenny Lantern Border Print skirt with its fabulous purple background and those exact Halloween candy containers from the 40s-50s I new it would be one that I absolutely had to have in my Pinup collection.

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Pinup Couture Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print

Pinup Couture Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema

I was really excited to collaborate with Pinup Girl Clothing on the new Pinup Couture Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema. The Bella is a style I had wanted to try since it was released this past summer in the pink and blue Castle prints.  Also, the boarder print artwork is by Stephanie Buscema… wow! Stephanie is a seriously talented painter and illustrator with a love for music, and 1950s kitsch, so the boarder print design on this Music Notes skirt is brilliant!!

Yasmina Greco Pinup Couture Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema

Yasmina Greco Pinup Girl Clothing Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema

The Bella skirt is made of the same high-quality cotton sateen the Jenny skirts are made from. It felt so luxurious when I pulled it out of the packaging and I was excited to get it on my body and try her on. What I particularly like about the Bella skirt is the wider waistband that has some stretch to it. You will still get that nipped-in waist but more comfortably and it will hold its form. The Bella skirt has a very figure flattering shape but with less fabric then the Jenny skirt and there are not as many pleats and gathers so it feels lighter, but again, has the gorgeous shape and style of a full swing skirt. The Bella has incredibly deep pockets too so do not be concerned about your phone, compact, lipstick, and keys not having space. Also, this one did not wrinkle much!! We shot a lot of pictures for the collaboration and it wore beautifully and remained so comfortable. I am wearing the Bella in a size 2XL and it fit spot-on according to the size chart with no issues at all. I really like how it hugs my curves in all the right places and nips in my waist. The Bella also accommodates a full petticoat and I am wearing one underneath so it is perfect for cooler seasons and warmer seasons as you can wear it without a petticoat and still have perfect volume. I was so comfortable in this gorgeous skirt I could wear all day!! I really love the fit and flair of the Bella and the boarder print lays just a little flatter then it would on a Jenny thus making the print easier to show-off. The print is stunning with Stephanie Buscema’s incredible artwork. Musical instruments along with music notes line the boarder in a variety of great colors that are perfect for vintage loving Dolls. All these colors make it easy to pair tops and cardigans with.

Yasmina Greco Pinup Girl Clothing Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema Lauren Top

In these pictures I am wearing a peasant top and Lauren top. The peasant top is in the beautiful Baton Rouge color and boy does it match perfectly with the Bella skirt. The color is magic!! Having quite a full bust I wasn’t sure how the peasant top would work but it fits perfectly. I love how I don’t have to worry about buttons and gaping. Pinup Girl Clothing knows how to design clothing for all shapes and sizes so you can feel beautiful and confident in all their items. I am wearing the peasant top in a 2XL and it is so comfortable!!

The Bella Skirt in Music Notes Border Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema

The yellow top I am wearing is the Lauren top in a 2XL and it too pairs so nicely with this Bella skirt. Being a large busted gal the top hugs my curves so nicely and I like the longer sleeve. I love wearing bright pops of color and this skirt makes it so easy to mix and match colors with so you can have all the colors of the rainbow in peasant tops, Lauren tops, Doris tops, and so many more tops!! Colorful cardigans too especially in cooler weather will be perfect paired with this skirt.

The Bella Skirt in Music Notes Border Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema

This Pinup Couture Bella Skirt in Music Boarder Print with Art by Stephanie Buscema is coming soon, this week, and is limited; it will not be released again. If you are a Jenny skirt devotee like I am, but haven’t tried the Bella yet, hurry and add yourself to the waitlist so you do not miss out. I think the Bella will become your new favorite, just like it has become mine!!

All pictures by my hubby Gary Greco

Sweet and Spooky Pinup Style in Hansel and Gretel Skirt

Yasmina Greco - Hansel and Gretel Skirt Pinup

Yasmina Greco – Hansel and Gretel Skirt Pinup

I had been waiting for the release of the Hansel and Gretel skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing and when it was released it sold out so quickly I missed it. Luckily for me and so many other pinups the 2nd release came fairly quickly and it was now all mine.

I was excited when Pinup Girl Clothing teamed up with Stephanie Buscema for their Halloween Capsule Collection which includes some very limited pieces and features some very beautifully spooky sweet designs; Hansel & Gretel being one of them.

Yasmina Greco - Hansel and Gretel Skirt Pinup Girl

Yasmina Greco – Hansel and Gretel Skirt Pinup Girl

I am wearing the Jenny Skirt and it features Hansel and Gretel from the designs by renowned artist Stephanie Buscema and the what caught my eye about this skirt was the lovely artwork as Hansel & Gretel can be seen in the forest along with the scary witch and the stunning gingerbread houses and candy all set against the prettiest pink colored background.

This one does not disappoint!! It is among my very favorite Jenny skirts from Pinup Girl. The print and colors are what this stunner is all about. This Jenny fits me spot on and I am wearing an XL, I did notice that the fabric does give a little in the waist (it is a bit elastic) making it just that much more comfy. I absolutely love the gathered waist and full hemline in this 1950s circle skirt.  Colors of vibrant pinks, aqua blues, yellows, and golden browns are what initially called out to me and I knew I had to have this skirt right away. I paired it with my Pinup Girl Clothing Doris top in black which is fits my curves perfectly!! I also added a pretty pink petticoat underneath for even more fluffy fullness.

Yasmina Greco - Hansel and Gretel Skirt Stephanie Buscema Pinup Girl

Yasmina Greco – Hansel and Gretel Skirt Stephanie Buscema Pinup Girl

The gingerbread house purse is from Betsey Johnson and I paired it with the skirt and it is perfect!! You can now also purchase the purse on the Pinup Girl website. Ladies, it doesn’t get much better than this…..a mix of spooky sweet against a pink background… perfect for the holidays!! Hurry and get your Hansel & Gretel skirt before it is all sold out as this is a limited edition print.

All pics by my hubby:

Gary Greco


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