Erstwilder x Care Bears: Relive the Magic of Your Childhood

Retro Girl Wearing Raibow Care Bears
Yasmina Greco Rainbow Care Bear

Before I’ve had my morning coffee, you might find me a bit grouchy. I absolutely love coffee, particularly the delicious 4-shot espresso café mocha my husband whips up for us every single day. He’s truly our in-house barista extraordinaire! So, when I stumbled upon the irresistibly charming “Good Morning, Grumpy Bear” brooch from the latest Erstwilder x Care Bears collection, I was instantly smitten. Just look at that adorably grumpy expression and the coffee mug he’s clutching! I knew this delightful piece was made for me, and I couldn’t wait to wear it alongside my vintage blue Pyrex starburst coffee mug. The perfect way to start my day!

Retro Rainbow Sweater Girl
Yasmina Greco Rainbow Erstwilder Care Bears 2.0

The Erstwilder x Care Bears collection is adorable and takes me straight back to my childhood. These bears debuted in the 80s and were so colorful and cuddly. Erstwilder has done an incredible job of bringing each bears’ unique personality and colors to life in this new collection. Look how sweet this Loyal Heart Dog brooch is…. His aqua blue color and adorable face with a heart above his eye. This lil cutie is true blue!!

You all know how I love a good necklace and this Huggable Necklace trio featuring Grumpy Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, and Lucky Charm Bear makes my day! The colors are so bright and cheerful. If you are a curvy girl then Erstwilder necklaces are for you because they are adjustable and, in my opinion, big curves need big jewelry.

Pinup Girl Care Bears
Yasmina Greco Rainbow Erstwilder Care Bears 2.0

I also got this super sweet Cheer Bear in the Sky brooch, and it makes me smile each time I look at it. The pretty pink bear flying her rainbow heart balloon are delightful and I will be wearing this one a lot. It is so fun to take a trip down memory lane with the Care Bears and all their retro goodness. Hurry on over to Erstwilder scoop up your favorites while they are in stock because you know these will sell out!!

Retro Pinup Girl Pink Princess
Yasmina Greco Rainbow Erstwilder Care Bears 2.0

A big thank you to my sweet hubby Gary for all these pictures and for making us the most delicious coffee every morning.


🎃Everyday is Halloween with Erstwilder and Kitschy Witch Designs🎃

Yasmina Greco Erstwilder Kitschy Witch Designs Halloween

Get ready for some hauntingly cute Halloween jewelry from the 2020 Erstwilder and Kitschy Witch Designs collaboration. I am so excited to have partnered with Erstwilder for this spooktacular collection and it will no doubt sell out very quickly so if you see any pieces you like then hurry on over to Erstwilder and snap up what you can!!

I adore the Cursed Cuppa brooch set. It is actually two separate brooches that make up this set. A fabulous teapot with an owl and a teacup decorated with stars and moons and both pieces are dimensional and done up in the perfect Halloween colors of orange, black and purple.  I love how this collection also has special artwork for the box from Kitschy Witch Designs and Erstwilder. When you turn the box over there is also a cute little witch!!

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