Antique Society: A Treasure Trove in the Heart of Sebastopol!

Hey, time-travelers and history hunters! Grab your magnifying glasses and put on your safari hats, because we’re about to journey into an oasis of antiquity – the Antique Society in Sebastopol, CA! This isn’t your typical antique shop; it’s an eclectic community of over 125 dealers under one roof, each showcasing a diverse array of treasures waiting to be discovered.

From the moment you step inside this charming brick and mortar, you’re greeted with an atmosphere that’s as captivating as it is inviting. The air is perfumed with a mix of old wood, time-worn books, and a dash of nostalgia. The sound? Oh, just the soft hum of conversation, punctuated by the delighted gasps of patrons unearthing a hidden gem.

Antique Society specializes in a wide range of categories. Fancy some Victorian-era furniture? They’ve got you covered. On the lookout for vintage jewelry? Look no further. Hunting for mid-century modern decor, retro kitchenware, Pyrex or classic vinyl records? Check, check, and check! The store is laid out in a maze of mini-stores, each dealer curating their space with their unique style and specialty. It’s like hopping between different decades with every turn.

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Wisteria and Rainbows – Living Life in Full Bloom

Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress
Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress

I love this time of year when the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the world is colorful and nature is buzzing. We found this fabulous spot blooming with wisteria and stopped for some photos. I am wearing my new favorite dress, a smashing pastel rainbow beauty dress that has the retro kitschy Pinup style I adore from Collectif London. The dress is so pretty and I love the sweetheart neckline, it has pockets, and fits my curves perfectly. I kept the styling simple, as I wanted the dress and the wisteria to be showstoppers. I added my Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater in pink and my vintage 1950s pink poodle purse.

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Winter Green

Grandma Buddy’s Christmas Tree Farm Yamina Greco

This past weekend was amazing!! We found a winter wonderland (minus snow, we live in California after all) but there was a chill in the air and the wonderful excitement of picking out the Christmas tree. This magical place is Grandma Buddy’s Christmas Tree Farm right here in Sonoma County’s little city of Sebastopol.

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Viva Las Vegas Car Show Style

  1. Pinup Couture Ginger Dress in Vegas Boarder Print Yasmina Greco Car Show

My hubby and I love classic car shows and this weekend we attended one of our favorite shows in Sebastopol, CA that benefits the local senior center. The dilemma of finding that perfect car show outfit is real so when Pinup Girl Clothing launched their 2018 Viva Las Vegas collection in collaboration with artist Derek Yaniger (tiki, shag art, atomic, mid-century modern) this past Spring I was really excited!!

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Fly Me to the Moon with Pinup Girl Mary Blair Planes Boarder Print Skirt

Yasmina Greco Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Mary Blair Planes Border Print

Spring is nearly here and that means it is time for adventure!! This is the perfect skirt for travel as it has a fun boarder print of airplanes and the brilliant blue color really compliments this design.

For this photo shoot hubby and I ventured into the cute northern California town of Sebastopol. Sebastopol has a bunch of history and is a perfect destination for day-trippers. Sebastopol is about 70 miles north of San Francisco.  I love all the wall murals in Sebastopol and they also have some fun mid-century modern architecture. We also stopped in at the Sonoma Country airport for some pics too.

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This is Halloween, Pumpkin Patch, Ben Cooper Monster Mask Vixen Pinup Swing Skirt

Yasmina Greco - Ben Cooper Monster Mask Vixen Pinup Swing Skirt

I love a visit to our local pumpkin patch and can’t wait till October 1st rolls around as that is when Hales Apple Farm in Sebastopol, CA is all setup and open to the public. I very carefully plan my pumpkin patch outfit as my hubby and I take lots of pics.

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