Wisteria and Rainbows – Living Life in Full Bloom

Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress
Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress

I love this time of year when the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the world is colorful and nature is buzzing. We found this fabulous spot blooming with wisteria and stopped for some photos. I am wearing my new favorite dress, a smashing pastel rainbow beauty dress that has the retro kitschy Pinup style I adore from Collectif London. The dress is so pretty and I love the sweetheart neckline, it has pockets, and fits my curves perfectly. I kept the styling simple, as I wanted the dress and the wisteria to be showstoppers. I added my Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater in pink and my vintage 1950s pink poodle purse.

Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress - Patrick Amiot Junk Art
Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress – Patrick Amiot Junk Art
Yasmina Greco Wisteria Rainbow Dress Collectif London

The wisteria was so fragrant and smelled incredible. I was in heaven. There were so many bees buzzing all around us but they shared and I was actually surprised that I didn’t get stung, thank goodness. My hubby Gary did a tremendous job shooting all these beautiful pictures. We shot these all in Sebastopol, CA a lovely town about 50 miles north of San Francisco, I have done a post here about this quaint little town that is perfect for day-trippers coming up from the city. We found a bunch of super neat sculptures ‘junk art’ by Patrick Amiot in all the yards of the cute cottage houses that line Florence Avenue so we snapped a few fun ones. This was by far the best smelling photoshoot we ever did! Hope you all are enjoying Spring in your areas.