Pumpkin Carving and Vintage Halloween Fashion

We’re well into fall and pumpkin carving season, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite Halloween vintage fashion finds. These vintage-inspired t-shirts and dresses will have you looking adorable for Halloween!

Vintage Halloween Pinup Girl
Glamorous Halloween Pinup Witch Orange T-Shirt – Crazy4MeStyle
Vintage Halloween Pinup Girl
Glamorous Halloween Pinup Witch Black T-Shirt

I enjoy Halloween and vintage-inspired Halloween fashions. These t-shirt designs are by my label Crazy4Me Style and we had so much fun creating them this year. Designs are based on our love of 1950s Pinup, Mid-Century Modern, and Kitsch. Our wonderful customers really enjoy them too and it is always amazing to see happy customers all over the world wearing your designs. Our designs are available in sizes Small-5XL. It is such a delight!!

Vintage Halloween Pinup Girl

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Vintage 1950s Kitschy Kitchen Collectibles

When talking about vintage ceramic kitchen collectibles from the 1950s-1960s, a popular theme is ‘Anthropomorphic’ and it refers to ‘uniquely human characteristics and expressions’ and these ceramic are usually very colorful and animated – kind of like cartoon characters with big eyes and smiles.  These vintage ceramics were mostly imports from Japan and made by the eras top manufacturers Holt Howard, PY, Miyao, Coronet, Napco, and Lefton.

You can find Anthropomorphic collectibles in the forms of: Condiment Jars, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Cruet Sets, Jam and Jelly Jars, Planters, Vases, Wall Pockets, Cake Stands, Dinner Ware Sets, Serving Bowls, Serving Trays, Butter Dishes, Teapots, Pitchers and more.

Today these kitschy anthropomorphic collectibles can be found online, on EBay, Etsy, Rubylane, and in antique and collectibles shops all over the country but in small quantities. Collectors tend to collect based on manufacturer or theme – say all red apple items or only the lemon heads. Be prepared however to pay top dollar on these items as they are very collectible today and can rage from $29.99  – $3,500 (for the rare Lefton Hot Dog Head condiment jar and Holt Howard Honey jar). I was at a flea market recently and spotted a pair of vintage 1950s anthropomorphic fruit head salt and pepper shakers in horrible condition with lots of crazing and paint wear and the seller was asking $40 for them and when I attempted to negotiate he just looked at me and said “Do you know what these are? They are from 50s and very collectible today” and he was not going to budge on price.

Collecting vintage anthropomorphic kitchen ceramics are a REALLY fun type of collectible as their bright colors and big smiles and expressive faces are so darn cute and charming so they appeal to lots of folks. Today, finding pieces to complete a set or add to a growing collection are getting more and more difficult and prices are climbing.  Do you collect vintage anthropomorphic kitchen ceramics? Send us a note and let us know about your collection.


Vintage Kitchen Collectibles: Napkin Dolls

What exactly is a Napkin Doll? The first time I saw a napkin doll I had no idea what it was let alone the purpose it had. I simply thought it was a very lovely vintage figurine with slits in her dress/skirt and is purely for decorative purposes.

It wasn’t until I was in a “fancy” antique shop and saw an entire cabinets filled with vintage Napkin Dolls that I paused to stare and admire how gorgeous these were and how complete they looked with napkins tucked into the slits on their skirts.  There were Napkin Dolls made of wood and ceramic. The were some ceramic napkin dolls that had bowls and trays in their arms (for hors d’oeuvres and toothpicks) others had hats on with an opening (candle holder) there were dolls with pretty faces, bug eyes, long lashes, eye shadow and red lips. Dresses had bright colors and were encrusted with jewels and gilt. Some dolls held parasols; others had fans in their hands and flowers. There were even some that resembled Spanish Flamenco dancers.

Just like so many of today’s vintage collectibles and kitschy collectibles, Napkin Dolls were at their hay-day in the late 1940s-1960s and were manufactured in Japan and today; many of these items are highly sought after and collectible.  Many of these dolls are hand made and hand painted. Companies like Holland Mold, Kreiss, Lipper and Mann, and Davar, and Artmark are a that produced napkin dolls. Many are also made in the form of Santa and Angels for the holidays – Christmas. Prices today range from $45-$225 if you are fortunate enough to find a Napkin Doll with her matching salt and pepper shaker ladies!!

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