Hopping into the World of Vintage Easter Kitsch

Easter is a time for celebration, colorful eggs, and, of course, the beloved Easter bunny. Over the years, the whimsical charm of this holiday has inspired a delightful array of vintage Easter-themed kitsch, from bunny planters to 1950s made-in-Japan rabbit figurines. These nostalgic collectibles evoke memories of simpler times and bring a touch of enchantment to any home. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of vintage Easter kitsch and offer tips for building your collection of adorable bunny treasures.

The Allure of Vintage Easter Kitsch:

Vintage Easter collectibles have a unique appeal that transcends generations. They capture the essence of the holiday with their vibrant colors, playful designs, and undeniable charm. Easter bunny planters and 1950s made-in-Japan rabbit figurines, in particular, are popular among collectors for their distinctive style and whimsy.

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Vintage Christmas Noel Sets: The Best 5 Tips for Collectors

Yasmina Greco with her Vintage Christmas NOEL Collection

Vintage Christmas Noel Sets: The Ultimate 5 Tips for Collectors for collecting Noel figurines and candle holders from Santa Claus, Elves, Poodles, Snowmen, Angels, Candy Canes, Holt-Howard. You may have noticed that Christmas is in the air. That feeling of festivity and joy that comes with this time of year can be attributed to many things, but one of them surely has to be all the vintage kitschy decorations.

For me, one of my favorite things to do is pull out the vintage NOEL sets that I have been collecting for years and display these treasures as I get my home ready for Christmas. If you love a touch of nostalgia with some Mid-Century flair then you’ll want to curl up with your cocoa and read our new blog post on Collecting Vintage Christmas: Noel Sets for tips on buying, selling, and searching for these treasures.

Yasmina Greco’s Vintage Christmas NOEL Collection Kitschy Mid-Mod Decorations

Today’s blog post features some of my vintage Noel collection that dates from the 1950s-1960s and features Noel candle holders, Noel bells, and Noel figurines. When it comes to vintage Noel collectibles there are so many varieties and themes from Santa Claus, Elves, Poodles, Snowmen, Angels, Candy Canes, and even Clowns, that there really is something for everyone and you can easily have a theme each year for your holiday decorating too!!

WARNING!! Blog has a lot of photos.

One sure way to any collector’s heart is items that come with their original boxes. For me, the box can also be used as part of your vintage holiday decor as they usually have timeless graphics that add so much charm to your displays. Since these vintage items are usually 70 yrs old, if you do find an original box it will probably have some wear and tear or even water damage from being stored in basements and attics and that is completely okay and in my opinion, adds that much more to the story and history of the item. 

Here are five of my very favorite Noel sets from my personal collection and I think they are just dynamite. Each set is so unique and has loads and loads of vintage Christmas charm. I actually have them up year-round in my cabinet and they always make me smile when I stop and admire them. 

1950s Grimco Japan NOEL Bells Vintage Christmas
1950s Grimco Japan NOEL Bells Vintage Christmas
  1. This 4 Piece Noel bells set of boys and girls made by World Creations by Grimco Japan 1950s. This set is hard to find and very delicate, made from very fine ceramic so there may be light hairline cracks if you do come across a set. The facial expressions on these kids are so darling. In today’s market expect to pay $275-$325.

2. Christmas Cowboy Santa Noel Candle Holders set by Menschik Goldman in the 1950s. Santa is wearing his western hat with green and red holiday flair, his red suit complete with holster and pistol and his body spells out NOEL. This set is very rare, I have only come across it one time and in today’s market expect to pay $299-$350.

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Collecting Vintage Lady Head Vases: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Head vases were made in a variety of designs in the 1950s -1960s. But it was the elegant, fashion-model look AKA – ‘Glamour Girl’ that quickly became among the most popular. These head vases have hand-painted features, 3-dimensional thick black eyelashes, ruby red lips, fancy hats, pearl necklaces and matching earrings, painted fingernails, or gloved hands, and hands that would frame one side of the face. Sizes can range from approx. 3 ¾” inches to 8” inches tall.

Glamorous movie stars and fashion models inspired many of the designs of the era; Jackie O, Lucile Ball, and Marilyn Monroe all had head vases modeled after their likeness. There are also Christmas themed vases that feature pretty ladies and girls in holiday splendor with lots of red and green colors and decorated with poinsettias and holly berries.

Prices: Currently head vases can be purchased for $50-$300+ and they can be found on Ebay, Etsy, Rubylane, at antique shops and markets.

5 Tips for Collecting Head Vases

  • Maker Marks: Napco, Lefton, Reubens, Inarco, Enesco, Betty Lou Nichols, Relpo, Norleans, Parma, Japan. Tags and stamps intact.
  • Quality: Well modeled and painted features.
  • Flourished intact: Eyelashes, fingers not broken or repaired.
  • Jewelry intact, no missing necklace or earrings
  • Holiday vases with red and green colors, poinsettias, holly, ornaments, Christmas trees, Snowmen, and Ice-skaters.

You can see all out vintage head vases and items here: Cray4Me Ebay Store, Crazy4Me Etsy Store, Rubylane Store


Vintage Easter Bunny Collectibles from the 1950s-1960s

I wanted to share some vintage Easter collectibles from the 1950s-1960s. No, these items you see pictured here are not part of my collection…yet, but they are so cute and charming that I am seriously considering starting a collection of these vintage cuties. Many of the items pictured are made by the ceramic manufacturers of the time like Holt Howard, Napco, Lefton, Relpo, Relco, Inarco, Norcrest, Reubens and more. Vintage collectibles like these can be found today online on eBay, Etsy, and Rubylane as well as antique and collectible shops for $25+ and the Holt Howard, Napco and Lefton items will be priced between $35-$125+.  Do you have a vintage Easter collection? I would love to hear about your collection and see your pics too. Hope you all have a happy and safe Easter!!


Collecting Vintage Halloween Planters from 1950

With Halloween nearly upon us and all those seasonal costume shops that open up, I have been looking for some vintage Halloween decorations and not finding very many at my local antiques & collectibles shops. Occasionally I see the antique/vintage German made paper mache Halloween candy container and those tend to fetch top dollar and rightfully so as they are rare and very desirable and not many have survived over the years. However online shopping is proving to be a great resource for finding the rare and collectible (eBay, Etsy, Rubylane, Tias) and there are actually a few darling vintage 1950s planters in the forms of Pumpkins, Witches, and Ghosts that were made by the famous companies of yester-year like Lefton, Relpo, Napco, and Rubens Originals. Here a few pictures of ones that are online and I think they would make super cute centerpieces and perfect Halloween decorations without being too scary. 


Shopping San Francisco For Vintage Goodies

It took a drive into San Francisco this weekend and then some hunting through some of the most bizarre vintage shops (I will post later about the shops) but it turned out to be a good weekend for finding some lovely vintage goodies.  I am thrilled with this German made Royal Crown lady teapot, I have not see one like her before and think she is so charming and reminds me of the vintage half doll pincushions in a way. Anyone that knows me, knows I simply cannot pass anything up made by PY and this little cutie is made by PY and is a wall plaque/planter and she holds her peach and makes me smile. I am glad that some vendors are starting to put out some vintage Christmas collectibles and I was really fortunate to find these 1958 Holt Howard Pixie Girl Candleholders (complete set) and this 1950s Relpo Santa Claus planter…I just love the vintage Christmas decorations from the 50s. Did you go thrifting, junking, treasure hunting this weekend? What did you find? These vintage goodies are in our Crazy4Me shop.

All these vintage goodies can be found in our Crazy4Me store –