Very Rare Vintage Christmas Noel Sets have Arrived

Vintage Lefton Christmas Noel Set

I have been hearing from you my dear blog followers and you have been asking when am I going to get in some vintage Christmas Noel sets; well, I have good news, I just got in some really amazing Noel sets for you all!! Vintage Christmas is not easy to come by this year and I have had to search, I mean really search but these Noel sets are amazing and they are all in excellent condition and many have their original boxes too!! Looking at these Noel sets, I just want to go back to yester-year when there was such as thing as the ‘good-old-days’ and people really cared about each other and it was a safer place. These Noel sets have are associated with so much nostalgia and really have vintage charm and character.

I found this incredibly rare, very hard to come by late 1940s Grimco Japan NOEL Bells set of the most adorable little girls and boys with big eyes, long eyelashes, and red hats. I adore this set very much, it will be hard to part with it. Also, this cute set of vintage Lefton Christmas angel girl Noel bells with their rosy cheeks and cute blonde ponytails. Holt Howard is always fun not just at Christmas time but, this winter green Holt Howard Noel Santa figurine is so mid-century charming!! For those that like to ‘clown around’ during the holidays, this vintage 1950s Noel clown set is a must!! The Noel clown set another one of those really hard-to-find sets and they are charming with their expressions and handstands. Finally, this exquisite Noel holly candleholder set of vintage Christmas angel girls are so cute, they will surely add so much vintage charm to your holiday decorating.

Vintage Christmas Noel Set

I will add a few more Noel sets to my eBay and Etsy store as well as some charming vintage Christmas figurines and decorations in the coming days. But as you know, these sell out fast so don’t wait too long or they will be gone.


Update and The Best Vintage Christmas Collectibles

vintage christmas

Many of you have been asking where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to as my posting had slowed down this past summer. Well, I can report that we are doing GREAT and have been in our new house for 1 week. The past few months have been really stressful with house hunting and then moving. We have achieved a big goal of ours and that was to own a house in California’s wine country. We are living amidst boxes right now and finding ‘just the right’ place for things. We can take our time now.

But of course we can’t slow down now! The holidays are here! That means lots of incredible vintage goodies being listed in our eBay and Etsy stores. I received a large shipment of the most incredible vintage Christmas collectibles from the 1940s-1950s that include makers like Holt Howard, Lefton, Napco and Lipper & Mann. Here are some pics for you and man are available right now in our Etsy and eBay stores.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and I hope things are looking wonderful for the upcoming holiday season for you all!!


vintage christmas colectibles


trio of headvases


vintage christmas napco lefton





Vintage Kitty Cats – Holt Howard and More


This week’s treasures are all about the 1950s and vintage kitty cats. Here we have the Holt Howard ‘Cozy Kittens’ salt and pepper shakers and the ashtray that actually stills ‘meows’. The blue cats are just neat and really retro along with the Siamese kitty cat shakers. I love the Lefton ‘Miss Priss’ divided dish and milk pitcher. Lots of goodies for the kitty cat lover!!

You can find all these items and more:

Crazy4Me on eBay

Crazy4Me on Etsy

Crazy4Me on Rubylane


Shopping San Francisco For Vintage Goodies

It took a drive into San Francisco this weekend and then some hunting through some of the most bizarre vintage shops (I will post later about the shops) but it turned out to be a good weekend for finding some lovely vintage goodies.  I am thrilled with this German made Royal Crown lady teapot, I have not see one like her before and think she is so charming and reminds me of the vintage half doll pincushions in a way. Anyone that knows me, knows I simply cannot pass anything up made by PY and this little cutie is made by PY and is a wall plaque/planter and she holds her peach and makes me smile. I am glad that some vendors are starting to put out some vintage Christmas collectibles and I was really fortunate to find these 1958 Holt Howard Pixie Girl Candleholders (complete set) and this 1950s Relpo Santa Claus planter…I just love the vintage Christmas decorations from the 50s. Did you go thrifting, junking, treasure hunting this weekend? What did you find? These vintage goodies are in our Crazy4Me shop.

All these vintage goodies can be found in our Crazy4Me store –