Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration that’s Cupid Approved

Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Yasmina Greco Red

This year it felt like retailers really didn’t get into the Valentines Day spirit. I didn’t see very many outfits with hearts or lips and very few red or pink dresses. Also, being a curvy girl I found the selection of Valentines Day outfit sizing to be on the smaller side this year and although I waited till it was nearly too late in the hopes that my go-to brands would come out with something, they didn’t, so, I decided I’d reach into my fabulous wardrobe and put my own Valentine inspired outfit together.

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Vivien of Holloway: 1950s Style Skirts and Tops for Curves

Vivien Of Holloway Yasmina Greco

Vivien of Holloway is based in London, UK  and are very well known for their Halter Neck style dresses, Sarong sets and Tartan circle skirts. They are a brand that produces styles from the 1940s-1950s that are full of vintage charm.  I have admired the brand’s outfits for quite sometime but was a little hesitant to order as I was unsure how their outfits would fit a curvy body and full bust. I finally went for it and ordered the Circle Skirt Red Palms and the Slash Neck Top Flame Satin Jersey…spoiler alert…. I am thrilled!!

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Summer Style by Hell Bunny


It is August and we are right in the middle of summer time. The temps are soaring in so many places. I want to look pretty and put-together but how do you pull that off when temps are over 100 degrees and, you still want to wear your petticoat? You do it with Hell Bunny, that’s how.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Hell Bunny clothing brand, they are a UK company that creates fashion styles from the 40s-50s that is Pinup, Retro, Rockabilly, Punk, vintage with edgy street styles.  If you want to stand out then Hell Bunny is a brand you need to get to know!!

I love wearing Hell Bunny skirts in the summer or, anytime the temps soar. The skirts have the most beautiful patterns and colors and are so light and airy. I am wearing the Hell Bunny Cannes Floral White/Red Roses Skirt in these pictures and I love it. I had been searching for a floral patterned skirt that pops for a long time and this skirt was recently restocked so I snapped it up. The roses are stunning on this skirt and really do pop against the pristine white background. The skirt just floats, it is light as air. I am also wearing a full petticoat underneath.


Mixing and matching tops with the Hell Bunny Cannes Floral White/Red Roses Skirt is not a problem and you’ll have so many options. I chose to pair it with my red Doris top from Pinup Girl Clothing fir these pictures but, adding colorful cardigans and blouses with belts, purses and petticoats will give you so many different looks. No doubt, this skirt will be a staple in your summer wardrobe. Also, it would make a perfect holiday skirt too with a red or green cardigan and Christmas brooch…. How gorgeous!


My next skirt is the Hell Bunny 50’s August Cherry Check. This one is without a doubt one of my all time favorite skirts!! Gingham and cherries…. Just screams summer!! This is a full circle skirt made of 100% cotton so it is light as air.

I’ve styled this skirt so many different ways over the past year. Here in these pictures I am wearing it with a long sleeved top but have worn it with red tops, white tops, green tops and even blue tops. I love that you can add a full petticoat underneath. In these pictures I styled it without a petticoat. The skirt nips you in right at the waist, perfect for the Pinup girl and rockabilly look.


Accessorizing this outfit is a lot of fun. I am wearing my true vintage red cherry Bakelite brooch (gift from my hubby) and added vintage cherry shoe clips and vintage millinery cherries to my vintage dark green patent leather purse.

There are so many options to style this skirt with colorful cardigans and tops, adding some fun hair scarves would really give it a rockabilly vibe as well. Wearing a longer petticoat that shows at the bottom would be a sweet touch too. Again, this is such a light and breathable skirt, so perfect for summer time.

You can visit Hell Bunny or do a quick search you’ll find a bunch of stockists. I find the size guide is spot on. If you are not sure, try to get into a local re-seller near you to try on the items or, ping Hell Bunny on Instagram or Facebook and their staff is quick to respond.

With autumn fast approaching and Halloween, Hell Bunny has already released a lust worthy Fall line and even some holiday items so visit to see more

Hope you all are having a great summer and staying stylishly cool!

All pictures by my hubby Gary 


1950s Easter Pinup Girl

Yasmina Greco - Unique Vintage EasterPerfect skirt for Easter from Unique Vintage. I love the colorful Easter egg print on this skirt. I styled  this 1950s circle skirt simply with my white Doris top from Pinup Girl Clothing and added a wide belt with a bit of contrasting color. Even Luna got into the Easter spirit!! Our fun Easter basket with yellow Peeps bunny rabbit completes it all. All pics by my hubby Gary. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!!

Yasmina Greco - Unique Vintage Easter


Pinup Rockabilly Style at the 2016 Petaluma Antique Faire

Yasmina Greco Pinup Rockabilly

This year it sure felt like the Petaluma Spring Antique Faire came earlier as I remember it happening in May but, no, it came as scheduled at the end of April. It was a breezy, cool, sunny day so it was really perfect weather for such an event.

I decided to wear my pinup girl rockabilly red polka dot circle skirt by Hemet and sold at Inked Boutique. I am wearing the XL but this skirt has part elastic in the waistband and is stretchy so if you want a firmer fit then I’d suggest sizing down. I wanted the skirt to be the main focal point so I added a simple white tank and red cardigan. I had my hair simple and tied with a sweet white sheer bow. I did have my winged eyes and red lip and for antiquing I like a purse that can worn cross-body so I got to wear my pretty Poppy flower Coach bag that my husband gave me as a gift a while back. I was ready!! I will say that folks were so sweet to me and kept telling me how great I looked. The bright colors of this outfit are sure eye-catching!! Folks appreciate the Pinup look.

We got to the fair mid-morning. It was in full swing. The day was gorgeous. We walked the show, went from booth to booth, vendor to vendor. The fair has something for everyone and takes up several blocks in downtown Petaluma. Some of our favorite were not at the show this year, and we wondered why…. we always look forward to visiting the booths of our favorite vendors but, not this year. There seemed to be a whole lot more shoppers than in years past so that is great for the show. A lot of dogs too, the show does bring out folks and their dogs so you constantly have to dodge baby carriages and dogs. Since the weather was so perfect I’m guessing that is why so many more shoppers came out. Dealers seemed to have an abundance of vintage garden ornamentals for sale this year, it felt like everywhere you looked there were iron fences and metal sculptures mixed with crates and plaster yard ornaments.

Yasmina Greco Pinup Red Rockabilly Polka Dot Inked Boutique

We did end up with a neat vintage 50s metal fan with turquoise base, and it works!! I also got a lovely vintage flamingo planter for my ever-growing collection of vintage flamingos.   We had a nice lunch of fish and chips at a super cute little place a block or so by the show. My hubby was so sweet and snapped pics of me throughout the faire. Next show is the Fall show in September so we will be back. Right now I have a lot of projects I am juggling with modeling gigs, magazine shoots and of course work but I really want to try and get up to Portland for the big July antique show and spend a couple days visiting my twin sister and her family. Spring has been busy and I will post up soon all the magazine I have had the opportunity to appear in as I have been getting a lot of questions from you all. Hope you all are doing great!!


Visiting St. Francis Winery

St. Francis Winery

For today’s motivational Monday post I wanted to share our visit to St. Francis Winery and Vineyards in northern California. The day started with a long drive south to meet some dear old friends that were in town for an impromptu getaway. We met for breakfast and had such a good time. Our friends had planned to drive up north and tour a local winery and invited us to join them at St. Francis Winery and Vineyard.

From the moment we arrived, it was like something out of Italy. The location was spectacular and there was an old bell tower and statues of St. Francis himself. The property was stunning! Vast vineyards, lots of lavender and gardens as well as several shaded out-door patios to enjoy wine tastings and snacks.

St. Francis Winery

We had such a nice visit with our friends, found that we are all that point in life where you re-evaluate and priorities change, family and friends are what is important.

Crazy4Me in 1950s Novelty Circle Skirt


Of course, I had to get a little Pinup Girl style in today. I opted for greens! I am wearing The Oblong Shop’s Puffer Fish novelty print circle skirt and although hard to see in tis pic, my Luxuriate fish brooch.


Motivation can come from several sources. You can be motivated to achieve many things weather it’s having a big job title, higher paying salary, becoming a better wife or husband, mother or father, son or daughter. Also, finding joy, serenity and contentment with the simpler things in life, that too can increase motivation to find ways to fully enjoy each and every day.

St. Francis Winery