12 Days of Vintage Christmas Pinup Fashion

Yasmina Greco 12 Days of Christmas Pinup FashionChristmas Day is tomorrow!! This has been such a busy, fast moving month and I am so glad I was able to do my annual (ok my 2nd year) 12 Days of Vintage Christmas Pinup Fashions for you all.

Hands down themed shoots are my favorite and this year brought so many collaborations from so many different brands, it was so much fun getting to work with them all. Featured in my 12 Days of Christmas are outfits by: Pigtails and Pirates, Pinup Girl Clothing, Lindy Bop, Lady V of London, Lady Voluptuous. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that you weren’t too naughty and get the presents you’ve been hoping for!!

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The Best Festive Mid-Century Pinup Fashion: Novelty Christmas Outfit Ideas

Holiday Harlequin Pinup Girl Clothing Yasmina GrecoWith Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to secure your perfect holiday outfits for all the festive parties, shopping sprees, and social events filling up your calendar! This year, we’re focusing on mid-century pinup fashion, offering everything from dazzling dresses to stylish separates and even laid-back casual wear. Whether you’re new to the pinup scene or a seasoned devotee, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to Novelty Christmas Pinup Wear, featuring unique and eye-catching pieces to elevate your holiday wardrobe and help you find the ideal gifts for the pinup lovers in your life!

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Pop Art Pinup Princess

Yasmina Greco - Pop Art

Get ready to stand out in a crowd!! The Pop-Art-Princess skirt from Pigtails and Pirates embodies the 1950s pop art movement with imagery from advertisements, comic books, and the kitschy elements of cultural life.  When I first saw this skirt all I could think was Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein’s influence are all here in this one fabulous skirt…. Must have it!!

Yasmina Greco with Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera

              Yasmina Greco – Upcycled Classics Polaroid Camera

As many of you know I am no stranger to color…. The brighter and bolder the better.  Wearing bright and colorful outfits gives me so much energy and I feel so vibrant and full of life!! I was so excited to receive this fabulous skirt and could not wait to do a photoshoot in it. I knew I wanted to have a vintage Polaroid camera (thank you my hubby Gary)  as my prop and thought Andy Warhol would have liked that too and then we had this amazing vintage bright yellow Sculptura Donut Phone by Western Electric Company that would be too much fun to use as a prop.

Yasmina Greco - Pinup El Gato Gomez Painting

         Yasmina Greco – Pinup El Gato Gomez Painting

In these pictures taken by my very talented hubby Gary, I am wearing the skirt in an Australian 16 and find it fits my waist nicely and lies perfectly against my curvy hips. I paired it with my simple yet sexy white Doris top from Pinup Girl Clothing and a teal green belt. The skirt does accommodate a light petticoat.

Yasmina Greco Pinup - Sculptura Donut Phone

            Yasmina Greco Pinup – Vintage Sculptura Donut Phone

The pattern pops so much and the colors are brilliant. Our set included my hubby’s handy work on the wall clock and our specially painted Godzilla painting from El Gato Gomez. It was great fun shooting the skirt with our cool props. I hope you reach out to Laura; owner of Pigtails and Pirates and not only see what beautiful dresses and outfits she makes but you can also ask her about custom orders too (she makes my dresses to fit me with the top half larger in size to the waist/skirt).  Laura is so creative with her color combos and fabrics. Right now on the Pigtails and Pirates website is a delicious looking Sushi print dress, Beauty and the Beast stunner and so much more, I can’t wait to hear which your favorites are!!


Merry Christmas – Keeping it Merry and Bright Pinup Girl Style

Yasmina Greco - Christmas - Pinup Girl Clothing

                                          Yasmina Greco – Christmas – Pinup Girl Clothing

Merry Christmas to you all!! Hoping you are spending the day with family and loved ones having lots of smiles, laughs and making merry memories….. and enjoying yummy foods and treats too!!

Yasmina Greco - Christmas - Pinup Girl Unique Vintage

                       Yasmina Greco – Christmas – Pinup Girl Unique Vintage

Sharing my Christmas Day pinup rockabilly outfit (polkadot skirt and Pinup Girl Clothing green Doris top) my sidekick Luna has had enough holiday cheer and needs her nap. Also I am sharing my Christmas Eve outfit and I am wearing the light-up Unique Vintage Christmas Tree skirt and Steady Clothing ruby red Sophia top, paired with my favorite Miss L. Fire shows) Below is a collage of all my holiday outfits for December featuring Heart of Haute, Pigtails and Pirates, Pinup Girl Clothing and Hell Bunny Christmas jumpers)

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Yasmina Greco - Christmas -

Be safe and enjoy the magical day!!

All pis by my hubby: Gary Greco



12 Days of Pinup Christmas Part 2: Pigtails and Pirates, Hell Bunny, Heart of Haute + More!

Yasmina Greco Pinup Christmas Part 2

I can’t believe how quickly December is flying by!! When I first set out to do a ’12 Days of Pinup Christmas’ theme, truth be told, I wasn’t quite sure what I would be sharing for 12 days with you all but, turns out my hubby Gary and I did a pretty good  job at planning out the photo shoots and I can’t believe how many pretty holiday outfits I’ve received to share with you all in my posts. We were able to find a fabulous 1950s Philco Predicta TV that works and is now part of our living room!! Also, our tabletop vintage aluminum Christmas tree is never too far this time of year as we love vintage Christmas and these elements add so much mid-century modern charm.  Here are the latest pics from my 12 days theme featuring lovely outfits from Pigtails and Pirates, Heart of Haute, Hell Bunny and The Oblong Box Shop . You can see more and keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook 



12 Days of Pinup Christmas Part 1

Yasmina Greco 12 Days of Christmas Pinup Girl Style

                                     Yasmina Greco 12 Days of Christmas Pinup Girl Style

This year I decided to do a 12 days of Christmas theme where each day I am posting Christmas pinup retro themes so keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook.

These pictures of my 4 days of Christmas feature outfits by Heart of Haute, Pigtails and Pirates, and Pinup Girl Clothing.

Hope you all are having a great December and keeping up with all the holiday festivities and fun of the season!!