Valentine Bombshell Curves and Glamour

Yasmina Greco Pink Harlequin Pinup Girl Dress

This photo shoot is one of my all time favorites I’ve done thus far for Pin Up Girl Clothing. I am wearing the Pinup Couture Edie Dress in Pink Harlequin print. The harlequin prints from Pin Up Girl are out-of-this-world with their color combos and styles. The Edie dress in Pink Harlequin is exquisite with lots of pink, red, and white colors and it is absolutely perfect for Valentines Day.Yasmina Greco Pink Harlequin Pinup Girl Dress

This is my very first Edie style and it reminds me a lot of the famous white Marilyn Monroe dress and, I really felt like a glamorous bombshell in it. I am wearing a size 2XL (my standard size in Pin Up Girl Clothing) and the dress emphasizes my hourglass figure and is spectacularly big boob friendly!! The Edie has a collared mock wrap bodice and us gals with big busts really appreciate this style. The dress is impeccably made with loads of high quality gathered sateen fabric, has pockets and comes with a matching belt to nip in the waist. Pinup Girl Clothing designs and creates the most beautiful vintage style clothing that is impeccably made and will last for years.

Yasmina Greco Pink Harlequin Pinup Girl Dress

Yasmina Greco Pink Harlequin Pinup Girl Dress

Accessorizing with a pink or red cardigan is so complementary with the colors of the Pink Harlequin Edie dress. Add a petticoat for additional fullness (I am wearing a petticoat) and match your favorite shoes too. I had so much fun spending the day in this gorgeous dress and it was incredibly comfortable and barely wrinkled. I love all things pink, and this dress is not only perfect for Valentines Day but also anytime you want to feel like a glamorous bombshell!! Hurry and snap yours up before it is completely sold out!!

All pictures by my sweet hubby Gary


Pinup Girl Purple Jenny Harlequin – How You Too Can Score Your Unicorns

Yasmina Greco - Purple Harlequin Jenny Dress

I have been in the Pinup scene for about two years now. I have seen this purple harlequin print Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing on gals for the past two years and was really sad to learn it was sold out and no longer in production. There was also a Jenny skirt made and Lauren top out of the same purple harlequin print. I learned about a year ago that there is a term used for items you covet and dream of and it is ‘unicorn’.  Well, this purple print was indeed my unicorn and I was not going to be in peace until I got my hands on it… determination set in.

Yasmina Greco - Pinup Girl Purple Harlequin

It took a good year to land all 3 of my unicorns (Purple Harlequin Jenny dress, Jenny skirt and Lauren top).  Here are 3 of my tips that I hope help you score your unicorns.

1.       Join as many swap and sell groups on Facebook and check them regularly (my Lauren came from one)

2.       Ebay…. Ebay USA, Ebay Australia and Ebay UK. Check regularly….. I setup alerts for when a harlequin print was posted. I did find a couple on the Ebay Australia site but the sellers would not ship internationally to me in California. ( I ended up getting the skirt on Ebay and then 6 months later the dress) The sellers were both outstanding and the items were immaculate.

3.       Instagram…… a lot of the Pinups we follow also do regular closet clean outs and sell their items. Keep an eye out for these gals and some might have a separate account/ handle for their clothing sales. A Purple Harlequin Jenny dress came up for sale recently (right before I scored mine on Ebay) by a Pinup Girl Clothing model via her Instagram page but I was not lucky…. Someone snatched it up before me.

So there you have it, my 3 tips to score your unicorns. It worked for me. It did not happen overnight. I was compelled to find my unicorns and within a year I found all 3….. Wishing you ladies the very best luck in finding your unicorns too!! I would love to hear from you…. Please share your unicorn stories and if you have tips too on scoring unicorns.

All pics by my sweet hubby Gary



Review: Pinup Couture Harlequin Print Jenny by Pinup Girl Clothing

Turquoise Black Harlequin Pinup Couture Pinup Girl Yasmina Greco

It still hasn’t been a full year since I went Pinup Girl style but, I can recall the first time I saw the harlequin print in turquoise/black from Pinup Girl Clothing and longed for the day I’d stumble across a skirt or dress in that stunning pattern. Well, luckily for me, I didn’t have wait too long (although almost 1 year seems like long enough) till the pattern was re-released because of something called  ‘proposed pug’ where you can vote and tag your favorite Pinup Girl Clothing items w/ #proposedpug in the hopes than enough of you want them to be made one more time.

The harlequin print came back in the form of the classic Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in 1950’s Harlequin Print (white/multi color diamonds) and Jenny skirt as well as the Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Turquoise and Black Harlequin Print (my unicorn). Best part of both of these making a comeback is that there are pockets now on both!! What pinup doesn’t love a pocket?

Turquoise Black Harlequin Pinup Couture Pinup Girl Yasmina Greco Pinup

Upcycledclassics Pinup Polaroid Camera

Upcycledclassics Pinup Vintage Polaroid Camera – Matches my Outfit – get yours here, lots of colors to choose from or, order a custom creation to match your pinup outfit

The Pinup Couture harlequin print Jenny skirts are influenced by the styles from the 1950s where dolls wore their circle skirts very full and the material is a luxurious sateen that holds pleats and shape incredibly, zips up the back, has a nice wide waist band to nip in your waist and give you that lovely curvy shape making you want to twirl and twirl because of the voluminous fabric and the way you feel when you put it on. Matching cardigans and tops has never been so easy because of the color options in the pattern; each time you wear it you can have a new look!! The color pattern on the turquoise and black harlequin is so perfect with the atomic turquoise, pink and shades of teals and reds, my oh my, it is stunning!!

White Sateen Harlequin Pinup Couture Pinup Girl Yasmina Greco

The Pinup Couture harlequin Jenny dress in white sateen is one of my absolute favorites!! The dress is styled after the 1960s sundresses and made from the 1950s harlequin print. The first thing you notice when you step into the dress is that the bodice is lined, boned, and fused. The straps are adjustable so you can show as much or as little of your curves as you are comfortable with. Because of the adjustable straps and boning, the dress has incredible structure and will flatter a range of bust sizes….. even those of us blessed with lots and lots on top can comfortably wear this gorgeous dress and feel very put together and chic. The skirt on the harlequin Jenny dress is much like the Jenny skirt, a very full circle skirt and the material is a luxurious sateen that holds pleats and shape incredibly and has pockets!! Zips nicely up the back and nips in your waist. Also, matching a cardigan or shrug will not be a problem as you have so many color options. This is such a happy pattern full of bright pinks and oranges. Be prepared for lots of compliments!!

White Sateen Harlequin Pinup Couture Pinup Girl Yasmina Greco Pinupgirl

Pinup Rockabilly Vintage Camera Polaroid

Upcycledclassics Pinup Vintage Polaroid Camera – Matches my Outfit – get yours here, lots of colors to choose from or, order a custom creation to match your pinup outfit

In these pictures, taken by my sweet hubby (thank you thank you honey), I am wearing a petticoat and the Jenny harlequin skirt in a XL and it fits me spot on per the size chart on the Pinup Girl Clothing website; there is just a tad of stretch. I am wearing the Sophia top by Steady Clothing in a XL (stretchy) to match the skirt. I went all out and added my turquoise and black Mary Jane heels from Unique Vintage. The colors go so perfectly with the turquoise/black Jenny harlequin.

The Jenny harlequin dress in white sateen I am wearing in a 2XL (all my Jenny dresses are 2XL and Jenny skirts XL) to accommodate my bust, yes, it is very roomy in the waist but I love having the option of adding a belt to take in some of the excess fabric if I prefer, depending on how much waist definition I want that day. I wear the dress with my Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater in a XL and it gives such a feminine flair with the bow tie across the front. Heart of Haute has the Sweet Sweater in many colors.

Our Bichon Frise puppy dog Luna wanted to share in some pics too!! She knows I am happy when I wear my Pinup Couture Harlequins. The custom ‘harlequin’ color camera is by my hubby and he has so many color combos in his shop Upcycledclassics

I don’t know how much longer these colors and styles will be available and certain sizes are already selling out so, get yours while you can, they may not make another comeback!!