Car Show Season: Polka Dots and Cherries

One of my most favorite times of the year is when summer starts and car show season is in full swing. Thinking up outfits to wear and how to style them is so much fun. I like to keep it classic with retro polka dots and sweet red cherries. Polka dots by far are my first choice for classic car shows as they are so fun, cheerful, and easy to style and really pop in photos.

Here are some pics from two recent car show my hubby and I attended. In the first group I decided to wear my Hell Bunny Mariam swing dress in aqua blue polka dots.  The dress is a halter style so you can tie it to your comfort. I ordered the dress in a 2XL to fit my full bust and it is roomy and I was not squished at all. The Mariam is a longer dress so I also added a longer petticoat for some flair. The dress is incredibly comfortable and has elastic in the back so again, it can stretch to accommodate your figure and the skirt is amazing… a very full circle skirt!! The color too is beautiful in aqua blue.  It also comes in many other colors.  The dress is a bit va-va-va-voomy too! I received so many compliments.

The day was a bit cool (surprisingly as we recently had a heat wave) so I thought a pop of red would be nice by adding a cardigan, belt and my vintage purse and red hair scarf. The car show itself is to benefit the local senior center but has a turn out of over 200 cars!! In these pics above you see my favorites that include:  1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville (those fabulous taillights) VW Bus, Thunderbird, and a 1956 Buick Stations Wagon.
The next group of pics is from the recent Peggy Sue 2017 Classic Car Show. This show is a big one!! It was our second time attending the show. There is also a big cruise in downtown with all the cars once the show is over. The weather again was a little cool (last year we almost got a heatstroke at the show). I had a tough time deciding what to wear to Peggy Sue. I opted for my favorite Cherry dress from Pinup Girl Clothing called the Molly. This dress is also one of my very first Pinup dresses so it is very sentimental to me. And, since cherries are red, I had to pair it with my red cardigan, red necklace, red purse and red hair scarf. This dress too is a bit longer but has a va-va-va-voomy neckline with some adjustable straps so you can wear it as high or low as you like.  I wear all my Pinup Girl Clothing dresses in 2XL and the dress fits exactly to measurements. The little red bow on the dress is such a darling touch too!!

This show is a lot of fun. People are super friendly and it didn’t take long at all (we just walked in and started walking down a row) when several people came rushing over to us for to take pictures and have us pose with their cars. Non-stop compliments too!! It is so fun getting to meet fans and enthusiasts at these shows.

Peggy Sue also has their Pinup contest and the girls looked so pretty. I know it can be intimidating for new Pinups to enter a contest and be on stage but they were all great. And, can I say that they all had the BEST hair… I wish I had snapped some pics for you all. These girls can really do fabulous victory rolls!!  The event took place at the fairgrounds this year, which was a nice change from last year as there were soft patches of grass to walk through this year and not asphalt.

We got to meet the owner of the incredible 1940s GMC completely restored fire truck.  He talked us through all the love that went into making it great again. The pumps even work!!  It was so fun seeing the Chevy Impalas (they have great fins and taillights too) the turquoise blue Thunderbird was gorgeous, the Chevy Belairs are always stunning, the Ford Fairlanes have so much style and the Hot Rods and Trucks, there were really so many beautiful cars!! This show is amazing!!

Next weekend is the Father’s Day car show… I have an outfit in mind… stay tuned for pictures and a full write up of that one!!

Big thank you to my hubby Gary for all the fabulous pictures!! We have so much working together on pics and at the shows.






Recap: Portland Antique Show, Bernie Dexter Pinup Shop + More!

Yasmina Greco - Pinup Girl Clothing

Yasmina Greco – Pinup Girl Clothing – Coffee to Start

That time of year again when I head to Portland, Oregon for the Largest Antique and Collectibles Show and this has now become a tradition for me and my sister who is in Oregon. Many of you may not know that I have a twin sister. We look exactly alike too!! I don’t post pictures with her because I respect her privacy, as she is not as social online as I am.

Yasmina Greco - Bernie Dexter Pinup Shop

Yasmina Greco – Bernie Dexter Pinup Shop

I recently learned that the Bernie Dexter pinup rockabilly store is right there in Portland so of course it was numero uno on my list!! I packed very light for the show so I only had a few dresses and I wore one of my beloved Retro Spec’d Vivian in ‘Walk in the Park‘ gorgeous poodle puppy dog border print dress with my vintage poodle purse.

Yasmina Greco - Bernie Dexter Pinup Shop

Yasmina Greco – Bernie Dexter Pinup Shop

The Bernie Dexter shop is located in downtown Gresham on Main Street which has a cute trendy old-townish feel with shops and restaurants all around. The morning sun was not cooperating so pics of the outside of the store were a little hard to take (I thank my niece for trying her very best) but I think you’ll get the idea. Doors open from 12pm-6pm. Once inside it was essentially surreal because the dresses and skirts you see online and drool over on social media are all right in front of you ready to be snapped up and taken home.

I’ve never had good luck fitting into Bernie Dexter styles. I didn’t think they are made for serious curves and large breasts, so, I was always a bit saddened because the prints are stunning and so many gals gush over their Bernie Dexter dresses but, they didn’t work on my body…until today when the awesome and helpful lady working at the Bernie Dexter store handed me a rare gem to try on in a magical style called Chelsea!!! I will do a review shortly on my new Bernie Dexter Chelsea dress because I want to let all the curvy /busty girls out there know that yes, they too can finally get a Bernie Dexter and why the Chelsea works on curvy girls….stay tuned for that post.

Bernie Dexter - Oregon Pinup Store

Bernie Dexter – Pinup Store

Here are some pictures of the inside of the shop that is so cute and charming decorated with a retro French – boutique vibe. It was great to see Pinup pics of Bernie decorating the shop. Adorable settee sofa and those racks upon racks of magical Bernie Dexter dresses!! The shop and dressing rooms are very clean and the lighting is great. The awesome staff really make it an ‘experience’ to shop there and I could see the other shoppers so excited to have their Pinup pictures taken by the staff in their Bernie Dexter dresses they were trying on. I left the Bernie Dexter shop elated with my new treasure!!

Yasmina Greco - Vintage Pink Portland

Yasmina Greco – Vintage Pink Portland

Vintage Pink is located in another trendy area of Portland called the Hawthorne District. I must say the weather in Portland was outstanding pretty much for the duration of my trip. Sunny and high 70s-low 80’s!! I love Vintage Pink and from the outside it’s hot pink color and atomic Mid-Century Modern decorations but I have not been timing my visits properly because the last couple times there, they have not yet opened. Vintage Pink is a multi-dealer reto, mid-mod, kitschy antique mall so each booth has something different. But, on this trip too, they were not yet open, maybe next time I’ll get there when they are open.

Depoe Bay - Oregon Coast

Depoe Bay – Oregon Coast

A lovely trip to the Oregon coast with a tasty visit to the Tillamook Cheese and Ice Cream Factory. Here are some pictures from Depoe Bay in Oregon. By the time we arrived it was getting a little cloudy but still we had so much fun. We stopped for some great espresso then walked along the shops and of course, we had to stop and get some fresh salt-water taffy – yummy!!

Saturday was the largest Portland Antique and Collectibles Show. Over 1,000 booths!! A couple hundred dealers outside and around 800+ inside. My sister and I arrive early so we can park and get in line. We have our strategy for maneuvering the show. This show really does have it all and something for everyone from vintage fashion, antiques, kitchen collectibles, ephemera, tin toys, furniture, atomic goodies, mid-century modern items, art, jewelry, glass, salvage etc… so much!!

Yasmina Greco - Portland Antique Show

Yasmina Greco – Portland Antique Show

Prices this year seemed higher than years past and in some cases double. Dealers were not negotiable today. I did however receive non-stop compliments on my Harlequin Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing . Folks were excited by look and that was so sweet. I stopped for lots and lots photos. I did leave with some treasures and was excited to be getting back home to my husband whom I had been missing. It was a great trip full of laughter, junk food, and great memories!!


Ride ’em Cowboy – Pinup Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

Yasmina Greco - Ride 'em Cowboy - Pinup Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

                    Yasmina Greco – Ride ’em Cowboy – Pinup Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

I had been in search of a cowgirl novelty print swing dress for quite sometime and when I saw this Pigtails and Pirates Ride’em Cowboy stunner I had to have it. The color is a deep vibrant red patterned with vintage pinup cowgirls in a variety of poses and settings. The sweetheart neckline is so feminine and figure flattering and accommodates a full bust nicely. The straps are also a nice size so you can wear your regular bra underneath.

The dress arrived very quickly all the way from Australia (I am in California) and was packaged with great care, it arrived just in time for a photo shoot I had been planning. For the shoot I styled this adorable cowgirl dress with a fun cowgirl hat and vintage lasso. I am wearing a petticoat for added flair though the swing skirt is a nice full size on its own.

Yasmina Greco - Ride 'em Cowboy - Pinup Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

Yasmina Greco – Ride ’em Cowboy -Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

If you are not familiar with the Pigtails and Pirates brand you really need to get acquainted as owner Laura crafts beautiful 1950s retro silhouettes in the hottest mainstream themes from superheroes, comics books, fairytales, pop art, Hello Kitty, florals, flamingos, geek chic, photography, nautical, evening and formal wear and so much more. Pigtails and Pirates also has a children’s clothing line for infants, girls and boys; you really need to check out the mother-daughter matching outfits…. so cute!!

Pigtails and Pirates has a great tagline ‘Awesome People Wear Awesome Clothes’ and if you want to stand out in a crowd and receive nothing but compliments in your colorful, fun and flirty retro pinup girl dresses then hurry and head on over to the site and you will see for yourself that there really is something for everyone and sizing is a wide range too from 6 – 18 Australian. For reference, I am wearing the size 18 to accommodate my bust. Custom orders also welcome at Pigtails and Pirates so if you see something you like that is not in your size do not be shy to ask. Hurry and checkout Pigtails and Pirates and let me know what are your favorites!!

Yasmina Greco - Ride 'em Cowboy - Pinup Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

  Yasmina Greco – Ride ’em Cowboy – Pinup Cowgirl Dress by Pigtails and Pirates

My cowgirl set here + MUAH are all by the fabulous team Shameless Photography. Stay tuned for more as I will also write a post about the out-of-this-world Rocket Rascal’s dress by Pigtails and Pirates and the photos really are amazing…. it was an incredible shoot with Shameless Photography.


Exploring Benica Cal Antique Shops Pinup Girl Style

Yasmina Greco Pinup Benica Antiques

Gary and I headed to explore the Bay Area city of Benicia, CA. We had heard from a co-worker it was a lovely and friendly town with lots of good antique shops. The weather was gorgeous with sunshine and not too warm at all with highs around 68.

Benicia Antique Mall - Crazy4MeBenicia is about 35 miles from San Francisco so the drive was smooth and easy. Upon entering Benicia, it almost feels likes you are going a back in time as there are the cutest cottages, Mid-Century homes and lots of beach-town architecture. The city is so clean and family friendly and they have the ‘green’ with stunning gazebo and of course First Street which is like Main Street in another cute town. First Street is lined with cute shops and restaurants and I have never seen so many hair salons, spas and real estate offices on one street!! It is also incredibly family friendly and nearly everyone we passed had one or multiple dogs so it is also a very pooch friendly city. We explored 5 antique shops and there were a few more too but already closed by the time we wandered by.

Benica Antique Mall Yasmina Greco PinupMost of the antique shops are pretty small but there was a larger multi-dealer mall so we stopped there first. Benicia Antiques Mall has about 20 dealers and they sell a variety of cute collectibles and even one or two Mid-Century goodies. Lots of Depression glass, decorator items, mixed in with some collectibles. There is an upstairs also so don’t miss it as there are a couple dealer rooms located there. The pictures you see here are from this mall. Prices at this mall are on the higher side so keep that in mind.

We stopped into a couple other antique shops and they too had the usual glassware and china, some kitchen collectibles, records, books, Asian artifacts and kitchenware too. Prices are on the high side at many of the shops but there are deals to be had if you look.

What would a Pinup wear when antiquing in the town you ask? Well, I wore my Mischief Made ‘Hot Tamale’ t-shirt and paired it with my Steady Clothing swing skirt and a red cardigan w/ matching red belt. Comfy but stylish with Pinup flair. I don’t much talent for hair so; I put it up in a bun and did my winged eyeliner. I am totally obsessed with my turquoise blue Kate Spade purse hubby gave me for Valentines Day so it goes everywhere with me.

We highly recommend a day trip to Benicia, CA. It is a town that is beyond cute and you will surely enjoy yourself. You will even catch glimpses if the sea!!

Benica, CA visitor info



Merry Christmas – Only 1 Sleep to Go!

Yasmina Greco Crazy4me Pinup Christmas

Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

Only 1 sleep to go and Santa will be here!! I want to wish all my followers and blog readers a very Merry Christmas filled with laughter and cheer, and of course some sugar and spice too!! I’m sharing a pic of our tree this year that we brought home right after Thanksgiving…. I love it so much, it is tinsel/aluminum, I told hubby I want to leave it up way past Christmas 🙂 Also sharing my favorite Christmas pinup pics with you, I am in-love with how beautifully these turned out, so ‘old-fashioned and classic from the 50s) just like I pictured when I was styling the photoshoot and paying attention to all the little details like the dress, the vintage hair pin and vintage Christmas corsage, the vintage mid-century modern wrapping paper on the presents and the custom wreath with vintage holiday details. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Vintage aluminum Christmas Tree