Happy Thanksgiving


A little message here to let you all know how thankful little Luna and I are for all of you who visit my blog and keep up with me on social media throughout the year. I read all your comments and good wishes and enjoy them very much and I appreciate the friendships I have made with many of you. For those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a safe and love filled day with family and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving – Pinup Style

Vintage Pinup Thanksgiving

Picture from Pinterest

Hope you all are with loved ones and friends today enjoying yummy foods, lots and lots of laughter and sharing all that you are thankful for. Today is the second Thanksgiving in our house and the sun is shining outside, our puppy dog Luna woke up happy and excited and soon our bird will be in the oven and the delicious smell of Thanksgiving will be wafting through our house… hmmmm, maybe Luna knows this? Ha!

The past few months have been out-of-this-world amazing for us. We are both healthy and wakeup each morning with a zest for life. Ok, the 4 shot espresso hubby brings me in bed helps 🙂 I am thankful for my hubby!! I am thankful that my husband and I are more in love than ever, we celebrated 15years of marriage in September and I am grateful for sharing my life with him, all the love and laughter we share each and everyday!! We worked very hard to have been able to settle in gorgeous California wine country and our house couldn’t be anymore perfect, our orange tree out front already has oranges!! My husband continues to expand his vintage camera business and it is so rewarding when his customers write him and share how much joy and fun they have using his amazing UpcycledClassics cameras and how many people give his cameras as gifts all over the world. His vision was to bring back the joy of shooting with Polaroid cameras and with his incredible color combos, these cameras really are dynamite!! I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had this year. If you are a follower of my blog you might recall I made a change to my wardrobe and styling where I started dressing in vintage/vintage inspired clothing and incorporating a Pinup Girl style. I have never felt as beautiful and feminine as I do these days. Talk about a confidence boost!! I have also been featured in magazines and websites modeling….. yes, modeling! Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a model 🙂 I have lots of exciting projects coming out in 2016 so stay tuned for details. But, I am grateful and thankful for the opportunities that are coming my way and my dream is to be a successful motivational public speaker so this platform is helping with exposure and getting to share my message. Spiritually, I am in the best place. I had some situations and experiences this year and I am a new person spiritually. I am so thankful!! I am also thankful that my twin sister, nieces and family all have a close relationship, not a single day goes by where we don’t talk or text. I am thankful to all my blog and social media friends, your support is incredible!! We are very blessed and fortunate for all the love, material possessions, and having such amazing people in our lives.

I did a recent photoshoot that was Christmas themed, I will start sharing pics on my blog here in December, just a couple days away, and social media Instagram and Twitter a Christmas pic a week so stay tuned.

Vineyards Fall 2015 California

A couple pics I snapped yesterday of the vineyards, leaves are glorious and full of Fall colors!! In a few days however the leaves will have dropped and the vines will be sticks…..until late May when they start to bloom again.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Thanksgiving Dinner in a Cupcake!

Want to take the easy way out this year and not be chained to your kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner feast for your family and friends? Yummy Cupcakes out in California has Thanksgiving dinner ready to go all baked into a cupcake with holiday flavors like Lime Jell-O (with Jell-O in the center), Marshmallow Yam (with marshmallows and walnuts on top) and even Turkey Cranberry (flavored with gravy in the batter) Pumpkin Pie and a Tomato Soup cupcake too! Isn’t it just wild! Other flavors on their menu include Apple Blue Cheese, Caramel Apple, Hot Chocolate and Maple Crème Brulee. Dinner and desert all backed into a cupcake.  Yummy Cupcakes ships via FedEx so these treats can be enjoyed around the country. Visit Yummy Cupcakes for more information.


Thanksgiving Collectibles and Memorabilia

Thanksgiving collecting

Thanksgiving will be upon us soon. Many will travel long and far and others will host the festivities in their homes. We will enjoy being with our friends and family, reminiscing of the “good ol days”, and of course eating Turkey with all the trimmings and for desert our pumpkin and pecan pies. Is the table set with Thanksgiving themed dinnerware like Fitz and Floyd, Spode Woodland, or Wedgwood? Is there Turkey figural salt and pepper shakers set out? What about pilgrim figurines and harvest décor? Thanksgiving themed collectibles are more popular than ever!


It use to be that Thanksgiving was thought of as the “in-between holiday” you know, in-between Halloween and Christmas so decorating with and collecting Thanksgiving themed items were not very common. Today the collectibles market for Thanksgiving themed items is extremely vast as collectors today seem to gravitate towards Pilgrim dolls and figurines, Thanksgiving fine china and dinnerware, Thanksgiving themed salt and pepper shakers, Turkey cookie jars, Turkey tureens, and even Majolica Turkey platters to name a few.

Thanksgiving Turkey Collectibles to Collect include:

Porcelain Turkeys, Plastic Turkeys, Turkey ornaments, Turkey candlestick holders, Turkey dinnerware, Turkey jewelry, Turkey sweaters, Turkey napkin rings, Turkey tablecloths, Turkey napkins, Turkey place card holders, Turkey garden flags, Turkey dog scarves and dog clothing, Plush Turkey animals, Turkey greeting cards, Vintage Turkey paintings, Needlepoint Turkey pillows, Decorative Turkey hang signs, Turkey wreaths, Wooden Turkey figurines, Turkey centerpieces and much more!

For those fortunate enough to inherit some amazing Thanksgiving collectibles or heirloom china, keep it near and dear to your heart and remember that life is too short not to use the Good China…ha! Also, for those that have read this little article, we hope we have introduced you to the thought of starting a Thanksgiving collection, as there is a vast array of items in this theme to collect.

We here at Crazy4me wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!