Thanksgiving Dinner in a Cupcake!

Want to take the easy way out this year and not be chained to your kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner feast for your family and friends? Yummy Cupcakes out in California has Thanksgiving dinner ready to go all baked into a cupcake with holiday flavors like Lime Jell-O (with Jell-O in the center), Marshmallow Yam (with marshmallows and walnuts on top) and even Turkey Cranberry (flavored with gravy in the batter) Pumpkin Pie and a Tomato Soup cupcake too! Isn’t it just wild! Other flavors on their menu include Apple Blue Cheese, Caramel Apple, Hot Chocolate and Maple Crème Brulee. Dinner and desert all backed into a cupcake.  Yummy Cupcakes ships via FedEx so these treats can be enjoyed around the country. Visit Yummy Cupcakes for more information.