Favorite Novelty Pinup Christmas Dresses of 2015

Novelty Print Pinup Girl Christmas Dresses

Only 5 days till Christmas!! Do you have your dress yet? You might be able to still order your dress and overnight it if you hurry. Here are 4 of my favorite novelty print Christmas pinup dresses for 2015. I’d say you can wear at least two of these through the winter season and they are the top left one which is made by Lindybop and also comes in a skirt version and the bottom left which is made by Hell Bunny.  The top right is by Bernie Dexter and can be bought at Pinup Girl Clothing the lower right is the Holiday Dress by Pigtails and Pirates.  I would love to see what you are wearing for Christmas, you can contact me via my  blog Contact page, or on social media I am @craz4me hope to hear from you all.


1950s Femininity – Embracing Your Inner Pinup Girl

Yasmina Greco is Crazy4Me PinupGirl In Bernie Dexter Dress

Yasmina Greco is Crazy4Me PinupGirl In Bernie Dexter Dress – Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

I’m a modern woman living in 2015 but when I look back on the 1950s, I can see feminism had some good points.

The 1950s was a decade of elegance where women wore the most beautiful clothing silhouettes, accessories to match and stunning cat-lined eyes with ruby-red lips. Pearls, gloves, and garters were part of every-day-life for these women who were ultra-feminine and had the time to spend pin-curling their hair or going to the hairdressers to look beautiful and very put together. True, in their roles as 1950s housewives and mothers, it was up to them to help their husbands get ahead in the work force so keeping a sparkling clean home, looking stunningly gorgeous and having the boss over for dinner was just a way of life.  Today in 2015, I have never heard of the boss coming over for dinner.

In the 1950s people still looked out for one another and had a sense of community. You went next door to check on your neighbor or came over for a cup of sugar and stayed for coffee and a visit. Folks looked forward to Sunday dinners with their friends and family instead of loathing them and no one pulled out mobile phones to disengage and spend time texting, catching up on social media or playing games. Kids and teens were respectful and had manners, they were not of the entitled mindset we see today. In the 1950s women took pride keeping their homes beautiful, raising their children and taking care of their husbands. Many women didn’t work outside the home, the economy was such that you could live off of one income. Though there were women that were secretaries and worked in department stores as well.

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me Pinupgirl in Heart of Haute Estelle top in Atomic Cats sold by Pinup Girl Clothing

Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me Pinupgirl in Heart of Haute Estelle top in Atomic Cats sold by Pinup Girl Clothing – Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

Today, in modern times, two incomes hardly cover the cost of living but women have come a long way; some are Queens, heads of state, diplomats, CEOs of billion dollar corporations and they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. Many agree that it is still a man’s world and that women have to diminish their femininity in order to compete in that world  to achieve status and that big job title; especially in the world of high tech.

For those of us that live in modern times and want to bring back some of the glamour from the 1950s and incorporate it into our daily lives, you have to start by knowing it is ok to look feminine, wearing dresses and skirts that enhance your curves and figure. It is ok to take care of your family, home, and take pride in working hard and climbing the corporate ladder. Many women would get an incredible confidence boost if they embraced their inner 1950s Pinup Girl. It feels incredible to wear full circle skirts and dresses. Even wiggle dresses and 50s style cardigans and blouses are incredibly flattering. Embracing your inner PinUp Girl will get you the right attention too as people will look at you in awe, you’re gorgeous and standout, all in the right way. Start by adding some 50s inspired clothing to your daily wardrobe with a dress or skirt, try a red lip or add a little drama to your eyes with winged eyeliner. Why not add a pretty flower hair clip to your coif. Presenting yourself in an elegant and feminine manner will make an impact on those around you and your self-confidence will soar. I encourage you to go for it!! You can always contact me via my contact area.

These are a couple pictures from my recent photoshoot; thought they worked well here.

Top photo Dress is from: Bernie Dexter

Bottom photo: Top is by Heart of Haute in the Estelle Atomic Cat Print, sold by PinupGirlclothing.com, Glasses are by Tiffany.com


Pinup Girl Photoshoot Update

Pinup Girl Photoshoot Outifts

Saturday was a DREAM! Had a full-day pinup girl photoshoot compliments of my wonderful husband.  I wanted to bring my own clothes to the shoot and here’s a pic of the outfits – mostly pinupgirlclothing.com some berniedexter.comheartofhaute.com and theoblongboxshop.com flamingo skirt and last but not least my pigtailsandpirates.com ‘Take My Picture Dress’. Vintage hair and makeup were done – WOW! I am trying to be patient as I wait for the proofs…… I can’t wait to share my pics with you all. Stay tuned–