Collecting Kitschy Cute Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Do you love collecting kitschy-cute vintage salt and pepper shakers? I do too! Many people love to collect salt and pepper shakers and there are many different types that you can find at flea markets, antique shops, or online. This blog post is all about those irresistibly adorable salt and pepper shakers with tips on colleting different themes, buying and selling and how to find rare ones.

The fun thing about salt and pepper shakers is that they are usually small in size and can fit on your kitchen shelves, desk, windowsills, and right on your dining table so no matter how small of a space you live in, there is room for salt and pepper shakers and they not only fill the practical need of condiments but also provide decoration to your living space. 

Salt and pepper shaker collecting took off in the 1940s-1950s with the creation of ceramics and were being made in a variety of designs, shapes, and themes. Souvenir shakers were especially popular during this time frame as folks started taking to the roads in their Airstreams and Shasta trailers and could pick them up on their road trips at gas stations and rest stops. Shakers from this era were affordably manufactured and therefore affordable to purchase. Today, shakers come in a variety of materials from glass, wood, to metal, plastic and anything imaginable.

My salt and pepper shaker collection is primarily made up of anthropomorphic, animals and vintage Christmas shakers. My requirement is that they have to be cute and make me smile. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt so much and scour internet sites, antique shops, thrift stores and estate sales for rare and hard to find sets. I also enjoy the stories from the collectors themselves and learning what got them interested in collecting and how they found particular shakers. Collecting is also such a fun social activity as most collectors I have met love talking about their collections and sharing knowledge and information. 

Vintage PY Anthropomorphic Toothpaste Girls

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Egg Warmers, Retro Aprons and Vintage Kitschy Kitchen Linens 1940s-1960s

I so enjoy the appeal of a retro kitchen and retro aprons and linens. Retro is so colorful and cheerful! Retro encompasses lots of Anthropomorphic elements from vintage Anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers, Anthropomorphic fruit and veggies embroidered onto tea towels, dish towels and aprons and even Anthropomorphic chalkware wall plaques. EllynAnne Geisel has a couple great books out that bring the love of retro and vintage kitchen linens and aprons to the forefront of today and her website has so many neat downloadable “how to” like making these fabulously neat Original Egg Warmer Designs. Visit here for directions for this fun project! Make the POLKADOT EGG WARMER, APRON EGG WARMER, EGG WARMER APRON, EGG WARMER DRESS.


Sidewalk Sale in Santa Rosa Yields Great Vintage Collectibles

What a pleasant afternoon my husband and I had today. We dropped our adorable Luna off at the groomers (Bichon Frise puppy dog) had a yummy breakfast at our favorite dive greasy spoon (Carlos’s Country Kitchen) drove into downtown Santa Rosa and was very surprised when we started seeing signs everywhere talking about event parking for a street sale. We found a nice parking spot and started heading toward the action. Turns out all the shops around Railroad Square were having side walk sales and that includes a couple neat thrift shops, a couple vintage and retro clothing shops and Whistle Stop Antique Mall…oh yes, there was also an art faire in the park. Lots and lots of people everywhere. I found some really adorable vintage salt and pepper shakers that are of cute chickens on top of eggs, witches with brooms (great for Halloween), a pair of anthropomorphic eggheads and the cutest mouse playing piano made by PY. I was really excited!! My husband spotted the vintage turquoise blue metal wall clock by Royal Electric (I have been wanting one for a very long time) and the day just couldn’t have been any better!!

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Lefton Dainty Miss & Anthropomorphic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Lefton China was founded in Chicago Illinois in 1941 by a Hungarian named George Zolton Lefton, an immigrant sportswear manufacturer who collected fine china and porcelain as a hobby. In the mid 1940s Lefton began importing ceramic giftware and decorative items from all over Asia, and primarily Japan. Items are usually either stamped with the George Z. Lefton mark or have a red foil Lefton label.  Today, Lefton items are becoming increasingly collectible and I am happy to share this adorable Lefton Dainty Miss marmalade jam jar. She is so cute!!  Also, here are a couple super cute Anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers by PY and Elbro. These are available here.


Crazy 4 Salt and Pepper Shakers


We hear from many folks interested in Salt & Pepper Shakers that are wanting to start a collection or add to a current collection; their questions range from “What is the appeal of collecting Salt & Pepper Shakers” to “What are Anthropomorphic Salt & Pepper Shakers” to “How do you know its Vintage” so we thought there just might be more folks out there with the same interest and questions and we hope this little guide will provide a bit of insight into this delightful collectibles arena for you.

The Appeal of Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shaker collecting took off in the 1940s with the creation of ceramics. Salt and Pepper Shakers were being made in a variety of designs, shapes, and themes. Souvenir shakers were especially popular during this time frame and were affordably manufactured and therefore affordable to purchase. Today, shakers come in a variety of materials from glass, to wood, to metal to anything imaginable.

Folks collect Salt and Pepper Shakers for many reasons. Some inherit an existing collection, others might focus their collecting on a particular theme or manufacturer, and yet others feel a connection with their vintage shakers to a bygone era, shakers are small and easy to display, and Salt and Pepper Shakers do increase in value as particular ones become harder and harder to obtain and are highly sough after. Obviously there are many reasons why folks collect, but, the main reason is that it brings people JOY.

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Happy Anthropomorphic Valentines Day!

We here at Crazy4Me adore vintage Anthropomorphic items, everything from anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers, Anthropomorphic kitchen towels, Anthropomorphic kitchen collectibles, and of course Anthropomorphic vintage Valentine cards. We found these GREAT vintage Valentines Day cards and they put a big SMILE on our face and we wanted to share them with you. We wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!

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Anthropomorphic Valentines

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