Egg Warmers, Retro Aprons and Vintage Kitschy Kitchen Linens 1940s-1960s

I so enjoy the appeal of a retro kitchen and retro aprons and linens. Retro is so colorful and cheerful! Retro encompasses lots of Anthropomorphic elements from vintage Anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers, Anthropomorphic fruit and veggies embroidered onto tea towels, dish towels and aprons and even Anthropomorphic chalkware wall plaques. EllynAnne Geisel has a couple great books out that bring the love of retro and vintage kitchen linens and aprons to the forefront of today and her website has so many neat downloadable “how to” like making these fabulously neat Original Egg Warmer Designs. Visit here for directions for this fun project! Make the POLKADOT EGG WARMER, APRON EGG WARMER, EGG WARMER APRON, EGG WARMER DRESS.