Aloha to Tiki Collectibles: A Fun and Whimsical Dive!

Yasmina Greco Tiki Bar Pinup Girl
Yasmina Greco Tiki Bar Pinup Girl

Welcome, tiki enthusiasts and curious collectors! I’d like to take you on a colorful plunge into the enchanting world of vintage tiki collectibles. Whether you’re a seasoned tiki aficionado or just discovering the magic of these Polynesian-inspired treasures, this blog post is sure to make you want to don a Hawaiian shirt, mix a Mai Tai, and set sail on an island adventure from the comfort of your home.

What Do Tiki Mugs Represent?

It seems like every tiki collector I have encountered collects tiki mugs and I can see why!! Tiki mugs are more than just fancy drinkware. These ceramic beauties represent a slice of mid-century Bali Hai escapism and a nod to Polynesian mythology popular in the 1950s-1960s.

The original tiki mugs were designed to bring a piece of the exotic islands into everyday life, making every sip an adventure. Each mug is a mini work of art, often depicting gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures from Polynesian lore. Talk about drinking in history!

Fun Facts About Tiki

Tiki Mug Collection
Tiki Mug Collection

The Tiki Bar Boom: The tiki craze began in the 1930s when Donn Beach opened the first tiki bar, Don the Beachcomber, in Hollywood. It was an instant hit, offering an exotic escape with rum-based cocktails, tropical decor, and Polynesian cuisine. Oh, how I would have loved to visit and experience this location in its heyday!!

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Tikitastic Pinup Rockabilly Fashion from Koco Blaq Designs

Yasmina Greco - Koko BlaqI recently had the opportunity to model for Koco Blaq, a fashion line by designer, and celebrity Hollywood stylist Daniel Terrell. You might know Koco Blaq for it’s luxurious high-end resort wear for both women and men. Quality, sophistication, fit and flare are highlights of this brand.

I am a curvy doll with G cups who adores the Tiki Oasis lifestyle and Koco Blaq makes it effortless as sizes range from Small to 2XL leaving you feeling incredibly beautiful and confident in these gorgeous clothes as they not only hug your curves in all the right places, but they are made from a super comfy scuba stretchy fabric so they will keep there shape and are truly flattering on many body types.

I am wearing Koco Blaq’s Mele Palm Ruffle Dress here in the opening photo and the colors are stunning, no doubt it’s a show stopper, get ready for heads to turn!!  The only accessories you’ll need are some vintage Bakelite bangles and your favorite Tiki hair flower.

Yasmina Greco Pinup Koco Blaq- Blaq Tea Leaf Full Skirt
This fabulous Tiki set is the Blaq Tea Leaf skirt and matching top. This outfit is a must for any Pinup Rockabilly doll as it is a high waisted circle skirt and the top has a collar and ties in the front so you can be as vavavoomy as you want plus, the top is the perfect length in back covering nicely. Wear the skirt with your favorite petticoat for a little added volume and you will receive nothing but compliments. This outfit too is made from the same super comfy scuba stretchy fabric so it will keep its shape and is truly flattering on many body types. Sizes range from Small to 2XL. You will love this one!!

You can find these gorgeous outfits here at Rocking Merch

Makeup and Hair by the fabulous Miss Rockwell De’Vil

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Weekend Junking, Antiques, and Collectibles

It has been a rainy start to Spring here in gorgeous wine country and the vineyards are already starting to bloom so by next month it will be green and amazing. Not too many Estate sales yet or garage sales but ‘here & there’ we have been finding some treasures and enjoying the hunt. Pictured here are some recent finds and included are some Hula themed vintage ‘Harveys Lake Tahoe’ bowls, a weird bright orange one-eyed Tiki mug, some gorgeous Italian pottery items of an abstract ‘Oregano’ pot and hand painted – artist signed fish platter, an adorable Napco 1950s pink poodle momma and puppies, sweet vintage bluet bird salt and pepper shakers and a charming pair of vintage blue bird candle huggers and the neat vintage set of a drum and cannon salt and pepper shaker. So many people collect salt and pepper shakers and vintage blue birds and they are so hard to keep in stock as everyone is into collecting them and who can blame them as the blue birds are really so darn cute!! So, did you go junking or antiquing this weekend, what did you find, I’d love to hear form you.