Vintage Pyrex, Fireking, Jadite Collections & Displays

Loving all these amazing vintage Purex, Jadite, Fireking and more vintage dishes and kitchenware in these beautiful vintage hoosier cabinets and hutches. We have a Danish Mid-Century cabinet in mind…. I’ll share pics soon!!

VIntage Hoosier Cabinet PyrexAll pics in this post from Pinterest


Collecting Vintage Polka Dot Kitchenware: Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Hocking, Pyrex, McKee

Yasmina Greco Pinup

Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

Every Pinup girl needs her vintage kitchenware right? My latest obsession and craze has got to be the vintage polka dot kitchen items from the 40s-60s by makers like Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Hocking, Pyrex, and McKee. These kitchen glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and bowls really have so much character and will perk you right up. Here are some pictures of my current favorites….. I want to start a collection but can’t decide wich dot color I like best…oh my, the problems!! Do you collect any of these vintage glass patterns? I would love to hear from you and how your collect started and wich are your favorites so contact me!!


Recreating Grandmother’s Kitchen

Take a trip down memory lane and the nostalgic memories you have of spending time in Grandmother’s kitchen baking and cooking with lots of hugs and kisses mixed in too. I can remember my grandmother’s kitchen back in Europe.  We were very, very young when we would visit until we all finally ended up in one local place in the USA many years later. Her kitchen was not very big and had none of the stainless steel top-notch appliances and gadgets, granite counter tops, fancy back splashes or kitchen drawers stuffed with all kinds of tools like our kitchens have today. The kitchen was actually primitive with just the very basics but boy-oh-boy could she turn out the most delicious dishes and pastries! I think that it all boils down to how much skill and talent one actually has compared to a cook in a gourmet kitchen with no skill or talent. Also, Grandmother cooked with the most prized ingredients of all – LOVE, and you could really taste it!

Elements to create Grandmother’s Kitchen:
Vintage Apron(s) (preferably grandmother’s actual aprons)
Vintage Rolling Pins
Vintage Crockery
Vintage Tea Towels
Vintage Tablecloths
Vintage Canisters
Vintage Wooden Spoons
Family Heirlooms
Family Dinnerware

So bring out all your vintage items and re-create Grandmother’s kitchen. If you have kids then gather them together and even get your sister(s) and mom’s together for a day of baking and cooking and remembering the good-old-days!