Collecting Vintage Polka Dot Kitchenware: Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Hocking, Pyrex, McKee

Yasmina Greco Pinup

Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

Every Pinup girl needs her vintage kitchenware right? My latest obsession and craze has got to be the vintage polka dot kitchen items from the 40s-60s by makers like Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Hocking, Pyrex, and McKee. These kitchen glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and bowls really have so much character and will perk you right up. Here are some pictures of my current favorites….. I want to start a collection but can’t decide wich dot color I like best…oh my, the problems!! Do you collect any of these vintage glass patterns? I would love to hear from you and how your collect started and wich are your favorites so contact me!!


Polka Dot Power

Cheerful and colorful polka dots are! I have always loved polka dots and the decorating trend seems to be all about polka dots recently. I have seen some amazing vintage style polka dot kitchens and recently some polka dot houses too! Seems decorating with polka dots is not too difficult as accessories and fabrics are readily available. If you want to add some instant color and cheer then polka dots can be just what you need. Polka dot collectibles are also hot right now and where there adding to an exisiting collection or starting a new collection you can find polka dot collectibles in the form of polka dot purses, polka dot bags, polka dot sweaters, polka dot hair accessories, polka dot pet accessories, polka dot bedding, polka dot tableware, polka dot teapots, polka dot mugs, polka dot artwork, polka dot figurines, polka dot plates, polka dot forks and spoons, polka dot vases, polka dot clocks, polka dot aprons, polka dot vintage tablecloths and polka dot tea towels too. Have fun with your polka dots!