Collecting Holt Howard Pixieware and Whimsical Kitchen Kitsch

Yasmina Greco with her Holt-Howard Jam ‘n Jelly Pixieware Jar and matching T-Shirt

There aren’t many kitchen collectibles from the 1950s and 1960s that excite me as much as Pixieware does. From the jam ‘n jelly jars with their little tongues licking the sweet jelly residue from their lips, to the instant coffee pixie jar, relish pixie jar, or the jolly girl set,  manufacturers like Holt-Howard, Davar, Lefton, Lipper & Mann, Norcrest, Napco and Menschik Goldman to name a few, displayed creativity at its finest and what thinking outside the box is supposed to be when it comes to dreaming up the colorful creations of the era. Pixieware has been a hot collectible and the enthusiasm continues till this day!!

1958 Holt Howard Relish Pixieware Jar
Holt-Howard Relish Jar with Spoofy Spoon 1958
Holt-Howard Pixieware Condiment Jars
Holt-Howard Pixieware Condiment Jars

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