Gnomes Dolores 1950s Style Dress

Yasmina Greco Collectif x MC Copacetic Charm Midi Dress in Gnomes

To me Gnomes have almost a fairytale like charm to them; they are mysterious, mischievous, and adorable. When I first laid eyes on this Gnome print dress from the latest collaboration between vintage inspired Collectif Clothing UK and ModCloth it seemed like the perfect novelty print match and I was so excited to get this Collectif x MC Copacetic Charm Midi Dress in Gnomes on my body.

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Plaid in San Francisco

Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco Yasmina Greco Modcloth

After working all week it is so nice to take time and have some serious fun. Hubby and I drove into San Francisco this weekend for some delicious food and fun activities. Although still early in the Fall season the weather sure had that crisp Autumn feel and I was really excited for the start of sweater weather.

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