Texas Treasure at Benbrook Antique Mall

This past weekend we were on our way to the city of Granbury the town where our beautiful Bichon Frise puppy dog is from to visit all the antique malls we have been hearing about. Granbury is about an hour or so drive and about half way there all of a sudden on the right I spot Benbrook Antique Mall and I had my husband make a sharp right into the parking lot. I had heard about Benbrook Antique Mall and it was on my list of “must visit” Antique Malls and today was the day. The mall looked HUGE from the parking lot and pretty full with all the cars parked out front and it was a Sunday afternoon. (Granbury will have to wait till next time).

Walking inside, the place really was huge….. I would easily compare it to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth. There were indeed lots of shoppers and that is always something I like to see because when you go inside a new place and its empty you pretty much form an opinion right away after walking up and down a couple isles and the opinion is not too good. Benbrook Antique Mall was really well lit so you could see what merchandise were in booths and behind glass. Booths for the most part were very inviting and setup with a “decorator’s flair”.


Benbrook Antique Mall has a nice mix of antiques and collectibles and there is some furniture though not much, which for me is fine as I am mostly looking for collectibles and lots of malls lately in my area I gripe about that they are turning into furniture shops as that is pretty much what you find.

There is even a sweet looking tearoom called “Gena’s De Vine Tearoom” and it looked really darling but was closed. Also, there was a small spot with chairs and a TV so husband’s can sit while their wives shop!! I have not seen a “Men’s” lounge before in other antique malls.

We had a blast at Benbrook Antique Mall and I most certainly rank this place on my top ten list of Antique Malls in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!  Huge place, well lit, helpful and friendly staff, very reasonable prices and a large selection of glass, antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing, vintage linens, furniture, jewelry, Hummel Figurines, primitives, shabby chic items, romantic cottage, clocks, coins, radios, Kitchen collectibles, Kitschy Collectibles, pottery sports and western memorabilia and more!! If you are in North Texas you must make time to visit Benbrook Antique Mall.

(HWY 377)

Treasure Hunting Surprises at Grapevine Antique Mall

Grapevine, Texas has many “old main street” type shops. My husband and I were out running errands and passed a strip mall when we happened to notice a sign out of the corner of our eyes that said “Antiques and Collectibles” so we drove in, parked and I got super excited! We were going treasure hunting and this was not even planned!!

Grapevine Antique Mall is a big place with over 20,00 square feet and two stories and over 120 dealers. The place has a delightful staff, shopping carts readily available, coffee & tea, cookies and soda pops ready for customers and a darling little coffee shop. The place is bright, clean and gives off some “good vibes” for rummaging and treasure hunting!

Lots of variety of items from Antiques, Collectibles, Fiesta, Glass, Guitars, Paintings, Furniture and more! We had some real fun here and found some neat nautical themed vintage salt and pepper shakers along with some vintage souvenir plates.  Grapevine Antique Mall has something for everyone and you will enjoy your treasure hunting here for sure.

Grapevine Antique Mall

1641 West Northwest Highway

Grapevine, TX 76051

(817) 329-2124