Fisherman’s Pizza San Francisco

Fisherman's Pizza
Fisherman’s Pizza

One of the most famous and touristy areas of San Francisco is Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for its restaurants, shops, bayside attractions and of course Alcatraz Island. It was only fitting that today we would be trying some touristy pizza right in the heart of San Francisco as we search for the best pizza in San Francisco.

Gary and I parked our car and the first place we spotted was Fisherman’s Pizzeria and that is where we headed. Fisherman’s Pizza is located one block from Fisherman’s Wharf right next to several hotels and all the tourist attractions the area is famous for. Fisherman’s Pizza seemed to have a nice amount of outdoor seating and we were deciding if we wanted to dine here as a friendly waitress came running right out so we wouldn’t leave, and let us know we could sit anywhere we liked and once we sat down she gave us menus. It was a very windy day so we sat next to some flowers in tall planters to box us in a little from the wind. The menu had a variety of options (pastas, sandwiches, salads) and some specialty pizzas with seafood (since the restaurant is located right next to the bay) and then you can order any kind of pizza you pretty much want and add from a list of toppings. We decided to go for a basic pepperoni pizza since we were not sure what to expect. 

Fisherman's Pizza
Fisherman’s Pizza

As we sat waiting for our pizza there were lots of tourists walking by so we were entertained by the people watching. We noticed the tables and chairs at Fisherman’s Pizza looked pretty brand new and were really nice. The chairs resembled classic Parisian bistro chairs and were really comfortable. We were pretty hungry and looking forward to our pizza.

Fisherman's Pizza San Francisco Pepperoni
Fisherman’s Pizza San Francisco Pepperoni
Fisherman's Pizza San Francisco Yasmina Greco
Fisherman’s Pizza San Francisco Yasmina Greco
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