Lefton Bluebirds Best Tips and Price Guide for Collectors

Yasmina Greco Lefton Bluebirds Topline Import Bluebirds
Yasmina Greco Lefton Bluebirds Topline Import Bluebirds

Lefton bluebirds, there’s something undeniably captivating about their allure. With their delicate features and cheerful expressions, these charming little creatures have soared into the hearts of collectors worldwide. In this blog, we’ll explore bluebirds by manufacturers Norcrest, Napco Lefton, and Topline Imports, the origins of these delightful figurines, discover how they became a beloved symbol of happiness and hope, and share the best tips and price guide for collectors.

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Norcrest bluebirds and Topline Imports bluebirds are often confused with Lefton bluebirds because they were also produced during the same era and have similar designs. Norcrest bluebirds were produced by the Norcrest China Company, which was founded in Japan in 1953. Norcrest bluebirds are typically marked with a “Norcrest” stamp and are known for their bright colors and playful designs.

Topline Imports bluebirds were produced by the Topline Imports Company, which was founded in Japan in the 1950s. Topline Imports bluebirds are known for their simple, elegant design and often feature a matte finish.

One reason why collectors confuse these three types of bluebirds is that they were all produced during the same era and share similar design features. Additionally, many of these bluebirds were not marked with identifying information, making it difficult to determine their origin.

However, there are some key differences between these three types of bluebirds that can help collectors identify them. For example, Lefton bluebirds are typically marked with a “Lefton” stamp, while Norcrest bluebirds are marked with a “Norcrest” stamp. Topline Imports bluebirds are often marked with a paper label or foil sticker that reads “Topline Imports.”

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Easter with Erstwilder

I wanted to share with you the new Easter collection from Erstwilder. These Easter brooches are artfully designed, nostalgic, and adorable!! The new collection is available right now and will sell out so do not hesitate. Here are some of my favorites from the new collection.

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The Best Unique Pyrex & Vintage Collectibles T-Shirt for Thrifting Enthusiasts

Embrace your passion for treasure hunting with our eye-catching Pyrex t-shirt, aptly named “Searching for Treasure”! Designed for avid flea market, estate sale, junking, thrifting, yard sales, picking, and antiquing enthusiasts, this tee boasts unique, exclusive artwork screen printed onto a cozy, ultra-soft fabric. Featuring vintage Pyrex starburst and snowflake patterns, Catherineholm Lotus, Lefton Bluebirds, and the cherished Holt Howard Pixieware jars, this t-shirt truly captures the thrill of unearthing hidden gems. Scoop up your t-shirt now at Crazy4MeStyle.com

Makes a great gift for the Pyrex and kitsch collector!!

Pyrex T-shirt

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Vintage Finds: Mermaid Figurine, Perfume Bottles, Lefton Bluebirds

 Hertwig and Company Merboy Figurine

Antiquing has been challenging recently as it seems the ‘good’ stuff is really hard to come by but, that usually is the case anyway. I can’t believe I came upon these vintage treasures!! I have never seen this Lefton Bluebird child’s set of a mug and bowl nor the ‘Dev’ perfume bottle of a pink Poodle dog and pretty little lady. But, the most exquisite of my treasures has to be this small bisque porcelain ‘Merboy’ figurine made in Germany by Hertwig and Company that was probably an aquarium figurine back in the early 1900s. Are you finding anything amazing lately, let me know!!

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Repurposing Vintage Collectibles for Everyday Use

I am having so much fun repurposing my vintage collectibles into phone and computer skins along with shopping totes and mouse pads. Now you can take your favorite items everywhere. I am adding new pieces daily right now so please check back as there will be new selections!!  Lots of my collector friends, thrifters and junkers out there would really enjoy one of these as they make great gifts and really are one-of-a-kind items! Visit my Crazy4Me Zazzle store for details.


1950s Lefton & Norcrest Bluebird Collectibles

I just love the adorable Lefton Bluebirds and the Norcrest Bluebirds. These 1950s Bluebird collectibles were all hand painted in Japan and still retain their original charm with their adorable faces, pink cheeks and flowers in their hair. These little fellows are sure to brighten any home and any kitchen!! While out and about this past weekend I came across these fantastic Lefton Bluebird and Norcrest Bluebirds. I hope when I leave next week for my Pacific Northwest vacation that I will come across some of these goodies!! The Bluebirds here can be found HERE.


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