California beach day in my curvy girl dress by Cherry Velvet

Curvy Pin-Up

It is officially the middle of summertime, and that means one thing: time to hit the beach! The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the breeze is blowing. What could be better than spending a day at the beach in Bodega Bay? So grab your sunscreen, your towel, and your sandals, and let’s go!

If you’re anything like me, then a day at the beach usually means packing several items of clothing so you have something for any occasion. But not today! Today, I’m wearing my lovely Norma – Siren Scales – Mermaid vintage style curvy pin-up dress from Cherry Velvet and I’m good to go. Not only does this dress look great on the sand, but it’s also perfect for a day by the water or walking through the cute little beach towns. With its light fabric and flowing skirt, I’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long. The colors in this dress range from blue, aqua, sea-foam green, pink and darker purple pink and look absolutely stunning next to the shimmering sea. I love how this dress fits my curvy shape so nicely and enhances my figure. This dress also has pockets!!

Pinup Girl at the Beach
Yasmina Greco Beach Day in Cherry Velvet

It was a very busy day in Bodega Bay with lots and lots of people all around, but we found a lovely spot overlooking the ocean and my sweet hubby took these stunning pics of me. It felt incredible to be at the beach and feel the breeze on our skin and see the beautiful sparkling water and take a moment to be still and listen to the waves crashing. It was very rejuvenating and great for our souls.

Vintage Beach Pinup
Yasmina Greco Beach Day in Cherry Velvet

We even found a lovely mermaid sculpture for me to pose by and my little vintage fishy purse was the perfect accessory. I had my cardigan too as the breeze was a little cool at times and this dress has so many fun colors that it is easy to dress up and accessorize with a cardigan to match the colors. I received so many compliments on my dress.

Vintage Mermaid Pinup Girl
Yasmina Greco Mermaid Dress

I’m not sure what the scientific explanation is for it, but there’s something about the beach that makes me feel wonderful. Maybe it’s the endless horizon or the sound of waves crashing against the shore. In case you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration to get your summer wardrobe together, this dress is perfect for a day at the beach, for your next vacation, or enjoying your summer days so visit Cherry Velvet (size inclusive from Small-3X)  and get yours before they all sell out. If you are in Northern California and have time to visit Bodega Bay I encourage you to do so as you will most certainly enjoy your time here!!