Vintage Patriotic – Stars Stripes Red White Blue

Memorial Day is coming up and my Inbox is already flooded with all the “sales” that stores are advertising and I wanted to do a post about being patriotic and how to incorporate some patriotism into our everyday lives as this is the time of year we must remember all the soldiers, men and women that serve and have served our country so we can live in the land we love that is the home of the free and the brave!

Decorating with Americana, red, white, and blue, stars and stripes are some of the ways to bring patriotic décor into your home. You can make your very own heirloom wreath by purchasing a wreath and then decorating with vintage patriotic ephemera, presidential pins, military themed decorations and some vintage ornaments. You can obtain beautiful vintage postcards in the patriotic theme that can be incorporated into a vignette with added little figurines and vintage linens and you will have something gorgeous and inspirational.

If a BBQ or get-together is being planned, decorate up your porches, pergolas, decks and patios with the patriotic theme. Set your tables with vintage red, white, blue tablecloths and tea towels and lots of stars and stripes. Why not also serve patriotic themed dishes like a tart that looks like an American flag or a layered red, white and blue parfaits. Incorporate vintage dishes, platters, cakes stands and the American flag and your party is sure to be a huge hit.

God Bless America, And God Bless Us ALL!