Crazy 4 Vintage Textiles


Vintage textiles is an area we will be expanding on from time to time as it covers a huge spectrum of collecting. You have your kitchen textiles, bedroom textiles, holiday textiles, etc…But, for now – below is a peek and what textiles are sought after by collectors so, if you have not yet started your vintage textile collection – you may want to!

Highly sought after items:

1. 1950s Aprons
Whether embroidered, cross-stitched, chintz, or organdy, 1950s aprons are a great way to get a vintage textile at a modest investment. Most vintage aprons sell for $8 to $25 each. “People use them as aprons, curtains, or even as layers of clothing,” says Jason.

2. 1970s Tea Towels
In linen or cotton, printed with roosters or strawberries, or embroidered with anthropomorphic fruit, 1970s tea towels are highly sought after. Some tea towel designs are even signed, sending the price higher than the average $10 to $25 each.

3. 1940s-1950s Chenille
Floral designs in a wide range of colors are sought after by collectors who want to add vintage flair to a twin or full bed. Chenille bedspreads that are in good, plush condition sell for $35 to $145 each. Jason says some collectors buy “cutters,” a term for chenille in poor condition, that they cut up and use as fabric.

4. 1950s Embroidered Pillowcases
A lovely element for a summer guest room, vintage cotton pillowcases embroidered with floral motifs sell for $25 to $55 each. Continue reading.