Exploring Vineyards Antique Mall

This past weekend my husband was so wonderful and accompanied me to a new antique mall I had not been to and we were going to explore it together. We went to the Vineyards Antique Mall at 4701 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville, Texas. I had been looking for a different and new location to visit and did a quick search online and found the Vineyards Antique Mall and was thrilled that the mall touted their 300 dealers and booths so I got super excited as with this many booths I was bound to find a bunch of great stuff…or so I thought.

To describe Vineyards Antique Mall as an antique mall would not be accurate. The mall is very clean and there were lots of dealers fixing their booths. The huge mall is better described as a home décor, crafts, gifts, hand-made, bookstore, kids clothes, and furniture store with very little antiques and collectibles. If you are looking for floral arrangements, pillows, wall décor, candles, and kids stuff then this is the place for you. Yes, there were a few booths that had items like tools, cars, license plates; stuff for men, and they even had a “back room” that was all Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, and even another back room that was for ministries and I think they were holding services the day we visited the mall. We really had to walk through the entire mall to search out any antiques and collectibles and yes, approx. 20% of the mall has these items but they are intertwined amongst booths and stuff.  It was interesting maneuvering our cart around and looking at all the items as we explored this new mall.

Up towards the entry is the tearoom called Coco’s Tea Room and it looked very nice though it was not open when we were there. The menu looked good and it featured a lot of Italian dishes.

All in all we did end up finding a couple collectible items so all our walking around and exploring was rewarded. The staff was nice and helpful. Shopping carts were provided for ease of shopping. Mall looks like they will rent space to pretty much anyone who has something to sell but maintains a clean and pleasant atmosphere. Will we go back, probably, but for the interests we have we will visit the mall a couple times a year but not weekly or monthly like some of our other favorite antique malls in the area.  If you happen by Vineyards Antique Mall drop us a note, we would love to hear your thoughts!