Peggy Sue Car Show

Peggy Sue Car Show Yasmina Greco Crazy4Me
Peggy Sue Car Show Yasmina Greco – Crazy4Me

Hubby and I always look forward to the annual Peggy Sue Car Show and Cruise here in lovely Sonoma County. The car show features some of the most exquisite American classic cars and is so much fun. This year it was very hot and I don’t know if it was because of the heat but the turnout seemed smaller in terms of cars and attendees. Nonetheless there were some beauties we saw and I posed by them all. Here are some pictures captured by my sweet hubby Gary Greco and I hope you enjoy them.

I wore my fun Poodle themed dress, red cardi and my pink Cadillac Kate Spade purse which matched up pretty nicely with the stunning 1959 pink Cadillac El Dorado!!

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Viva Las Vegas Car Show Style

  1. Pinup Couture Ginger Dress in Vegas Boarder Print Yasmina Greco Car Show

My hubby and I love classic car shows and this weekend we attended one of our favorite shows in Sebastopol, CA that benefits the local senior center. The dilemma of finding that perfect car show outfit is real so when Pinup Girl Clothing launched their 2018 Viva Las Vegas collection in collaboration with artist Derek Yaniger (tiki, shag art, atomic, mid-century modern) this past Spring I was really excited!!

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