Flea Market Weddings

There seems to be a new trend in the world of weddings and that is of “Flea Market Weddings”.  The theme seems appropriate for an ‘outdoor’ or ‘backyard’ wedding as it fits into the ‘rustic chic, worn, distressed and repurposed’ ways that are so mainstream today. There is even a publication out now on Flea Market Weddings.

For several years my husband and I owned a darling wedding chapel and married hundreds of couples. One of the most memorable couples we met came to our chapel for a vow renewal service we performed to celebrate their 12 years of marriage. They had two daughters and the bride and groom changed into their original wedding attire from 12 years ago. The story was that each year they would travel to a different state to renew their vows and each would wear their attire worn on their original wedding day. They were a lovely family.

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