Pinup Girls and Classic Car Shows – Tips You Need to Know

Yasmina Greco Pinup Model Peggy Sue Hold onto your petticoats, ladies and gents! May is upon us, and it’s time to rev up those engines for a parade of spectacular classic car shows! For all you Pinup-loving Rockabilly gals, this is your chance to don those vibrant dresses, strut in high heels, rock those victory rolls, flaunt the perfect cat eye, and flash that siren-red smile. It’s time for the ultimate picture-taking extravaganza!

Yasmina Greco Rockabilly Pinup Vintage Model

  1. A classic car is a treasure!! Owners of classic cars poor their blood, sweat, and tears into restoring them, not mention they’re hard earned dollars. These are incredible automobiles that are a symbol of a bygone era. Plan your outfits carefully. Many times you will be right up next to these cars and you do not want to have any beads, chains, or purses with metal, or high heels that can touch the car as it will scratch it and that is not allowed. Also, keep in mind that many car shows are family friendly so dress appropriately and keep it tasteful like the classy gal you are. Always ask if you can take a photo next to the car…some shows the owners sit right next to them and other shows the owners are a mile away under the trees for shade. But, if an owner is close by, always ask. Sometimes they will even let you sit inside the car and take photos. Being kind and curious goes a very long way!!

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