Tornados, Hail & The Pecan Antiques

We have survived the blast of terrible weather that came earlier this week. The other night we had the tornados, hail, thunder and lightning and it was really scary! The neighborhood was pretty much standing in their yards (once the hail stopped) and looking up at the sky and it was so incredible to actually see the clouds swirling together and rotating!! Tornado sirens going off all over North Texas and thankfully we survived without much damage. It is ironic however as I had dropped our car at the dealer earlier in the week (dealer failed to mention the recall would take 2 days to fix) and when I went to pick up our car the morning after the storm it had hail dings all over the back!! Dealer offered nothing; no help to repair, no solutions, no kind words…nothing. I am still so upset about this and don’t want my post turning into a rambling about why folks shouldn’t buy from this particular high-end auto dealer in the DFW area but, I want to instead share that I FINALLY made it to the Pecan.

The Pecan is a little antique shop that opened just down the road from me. There are usually lots of rustic yard items, bits and pieces of ornamentals, signs, and shabby country chic goodies all over the front and sides of the building when I have driven by. Today was no exception. I walked inside and a nice lady greeted me and offered some freshly brewed coffee. I noticed right away that the shop feels much bigger inside than it looks on the outside and that got me excited as there would be more to look at than I originally thought. The rooms in the front all have touches of “pink” either in the items being sold or the setup. The usual vintage linens, figurines, primitives and small furniture items. As I make my way around the corner I notice a door and sign “Back Porch” so I push open the door and it leads me to a really large room with all kinds if goodies. Lots of shabby chic and Americana. I see painted furniture pieces, painted table, chairs, and more. I saw a sideboard/buffet that was stenciled with fruits, veggies and flowers and thought it would look great in my dining room and there were some really nicely painted and stenciled chairs too!!

The Pecan is a very cheerful and has a mixture of country, primitive, vintage, antique, rustic, shabby chic and altered. You can find collectibles and painted furniture and more. The atmosphere is lovely and the owner is really nice and keeps the shop clean and well lit so you can easily look around and see what needs to be seen. Prices are super reasonable too. The Pecan Antiques is worth the visit.