Why I Love Norcrest Mermaids (And You Will Too!)

Vintage Norcrest Mermaids
Vintage Norcrest Mermaids

The Story Behind the Mermaids

There’s something special about Norcrest mermaids that sets them apart in the world of collectibles. I adore them for their craftsmanship, their adorable charm, and that vintage allure that’s simply irresistible. These ceramic treasures from the 1950s are more than just decorations; they’re tiny masterpieces capturing the whimsical beauty of mermaids. Let’s dive into why I’m obsessed with Norcrest mermaids, and why I think you’ll fall in love with them as well!

Norcrest Mermaid Lipstick Holder

The history of Norcrest mermaids is just as fascinating as the figures themselves. It all began with Hide Naito, a Japanese immigrant who founded a gift shop in Portland, Oregon, way back in 1921. Over time, that little shop grew into a huge wholesale operation. After World War II, Hide and his son Sam made a bold move: they shifted their focus to “Made in Japan” gifts, and that’s when Norcrest China Company was born (in 1958).

Norcrest quickly became a hit, known for its high-quality ceramics. Their mermaids, with their iconic designs, were stars of the collection, gracing bathrooms and powder rooms across America. Alongside these charming mermaids, Norcrest’s whimsical bluebird series and head vases were also beloved. I love that Norcrest became a household name – there’s something so special about owning a piece of that nostalgic history.

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