Why Collectors Love Norcrest Blue Cats: A Look into the Kitsch Craze

Calling all vintage cat collectors! Get ready to meet my the Norcrest Blue Cat–the most playful and precious set around! We’ve got a cute butter dish with kitty snoozing away on top, an adorable tea bag holder that will “Hold The Bag” for you, and even oil & vinegar cruets featuring the cutest little cats ever. Missing out would be simply purrr-culiar – don’t miss your chance to add this delightfully whimsical collection into your home today!

Norcrest Blue Cat Collection
Norcrest Blue Cat Collection

The Norcrest Blue Cat set is an absolute must-have for any ceramic collector! Manufactured in Japan mid to late 1950s and possibly early 1960s by the PY/Miyao company, it’s not as easy to come across these adorable kitty cat pieces – each one numbered on the bottom with a “CT”. Even luckier if you find them still featuring their original Norcrest foil label attached! These cats have been enchanting collectors since they first came out so do your best to get this elusive collection now before someone else does!

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