🌈Somewhere Over the Rainbow🌈

Yasmina Greco Erstwilder Collection Crazy4Me
Yasmina Greco Erstwilder Collection Crazy4Me

Time to get happy and dance in the rain!! I’m thrilled to have partnered with Erstwildwer on this magical collection called Whatever the Weather designed by Jess Racklyeft. You all know just how much I love rainbows and color so this really is a perfect collection that I am so excited about it and it supports important causes like mental health at Headspace and Minus18Youth. 2020 has been a hard and very sad year for so many people that Erstwilder is doing what they do so well and that is spreading happiness and delight during these hard times with this brilliant new collection as well as donating a portion of the sales to Headspace and Minus18Youth. This collection instantly cheered me up when it arrived (we too have been dealing with situations out of our control involving the sickness of a loved one and with an already difficult 2020, times have felt pretty tragic) having special pieces like these that arrive in a custom box from so far away (Australia) really can lift the spirits and bring some joy to your day and you feel really good knowing that the proceeds support two important organizations. 

I am wearing the statement necklace called All the Way Across the Sky and I love just how large it is and the details of two seagulls on each end. The necklace is incredibly comfortable and comes on an adjustable chain. I am also wearing the most adorable brooch called Rainbow Ruff that has the body of a rainbow puppy dog and the head of an adorable doggy that is so cute and will melt your heart!! Jess Racklyeft is such a talented artist the other pieces in the collection are swoon worthy….. Wish I could have them all.

As with all Erstwilder pieces, these are limited edition and very high quality that are made in Melbourne, Australia. Collections do sell out very quickly and the Whatever the Weather collection also supports two organizations doing very important work so hurry to Erstwilder and snap up your favorites before they sell out.
A big thank you to my hubby Gary Greco for the super fun photoshoot!!


🍄Erstwilder Woodlands Collection🍄

Yasmina Greco in Erstwilder Cuddle Time Necklace

I am in awe of the talented Erstwilder artists and team. They release the most endearing collections that are so beautifully detailed and tell a story. The new Woodlands collection is exquisite and I am so excited to share it with you. My standout favorites are the Cuddle Time Necklace, Well Spotted brooch, and the Blue Jay Way brooch.

Yasmina Greco in Erstwilder Cuddle Time Necklace

Erstwilder has turned me into an adoring fan of statement necklaces and theirs are adjustable and comfortable to wear. Just look at all the details in my Cuddle Time Necklace featuring a momma bear and her cub walking across the beautiful forest with green pine trees and snow capped mountains. I will definitely be wearing this piece all winter long. The Erstwilder artists are incredibly creative and talented, crafting such exquisite jewelry keepsake pieces.

Yasmina Greco in Erstwilder Woodlands Collection Well Spotted Brooch

I really am smitten with my Well Spotted brooch and it evokes feelings of being in a fairytale. This brooch is brilliant with it’s red dotted cap and it makes me want to spend a lovely day in a fairytale forest with some gnome friends. This brooch easily pairs with blouses, and cardigans, and even dresses. It is one of my go-to accessories!!

Yasmina Greco in Erstwilder Woodlands Collection The Blue Jay Way Brooch

This adorable little fellow won me over with his brilliant blue colors and proud stance. Being a natural forest dweller the Blue Jay Way brooch is perfection and such a wonderful addition to the Erstwilder Woodlands collection. The brooch is so lovely and easy to wear with sweaters, coats, and jumpers. Being the bluebird lover that I am, this adorable brooch was a must for my personal collection and I could not wait to scoop him up!!

This adorable range has been designed by Carmen and also includes matching Essential Earrings and scarves. I also love the new packaging that was specifically designed for this collection and features a woodlands theme on the boxes. As with all Erstwilder collections, they are made in Melbourne, Australia in limited quantities and they sell out very quickly so hurry on over and snap up your favorites while they are in stock as this adorable collection is already selling out!!

A big thank you to my husband Gary for all the wonderful photos.