Vintage Christmas Tree Pins – For Holiday Cha-Ching

For some, collecting Christmas Tree brooches and pins is a year-round activity. Many collect vintage Christmas Tree pins from the 1940s-1970s. Did you know that Christmas tree pins are one of the largest costume jewelry collector niches. Christmas tree pin designs can vary greatly as can the designs and can be found made from Bakelite, studded with Rhinestones, decorated with Enamel and very intricate Metalwork. Some very collectible Christmas tree brooches are made by: Weiss, Art, Eisenberg, Hollycraft, Mylu, Eisenberg, Carnegie, Robert, Sandor, Boucher, Reinad, Swarovski, Mazer, Trifari, and Shulz. Probably the best known Christmas tree pin is made by Weiss and came with 3, 5, and 6, candles.

As of the writing of this post on eBay, collectible Christmas Tree pins are commanding prices of:

  • Stanley Hagler $799.99
  • Swarovski $550
  • Eisenberg $449.99
  • Carnegie $389.00
  • Weiss 6 Candle $240

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