Collecting Limoges Porcelain

Lately I can’t stop thinking about hand-painted Limoges porcelain with roses. The vibrant stunning colors, gilt detailing and feminine designs are breathtakingly gorgeous. Limoges pieces that are hand-decorated, hand-painted, and signed by the artist who created the masterpiece can range in price from  $80,000 (dinnerware set listed on Ebay at the time of this post) to thousands of dollars for clocks, urns vases, plates and at a minimum $150 for the adorable little Limoges boxes. Great article for valuing Limoges Here

Limoges originates in France and was made in the various factories in and around the Limoges region in the 1700s – 1930s.  More than 40 companies were making Limoges porcelain in the 1920s. The markings on Limoges items detail origin, date, country, and factory.

Fakes are in abundance out on the market today so do your research and buy from well-regarded sources. For more information on Limoges visit here for detailed information.