Hitting the Collectibles Jackpot

Today was a really great day for coming across a near mint condition vintage 1950s salt and pepper shaker collection. To think, I didn’t really even feel like leaving the house and ended up going out with dear old mom and stopped at FFT ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES which turns out is a nonprofit antiques and collectibles shop that runs on donations and supports the Food For Thought, Sonoma County HIV/AIDS Food Bank.

The place was packed with shoppers and had lots of high quality items. Everything was incredibly reasonably priced… something I have not really seen since I came to Sonoma Country. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Also, not every little thing was locked in a glass cabinet showcase so you could pick up items and decide right then and there if you were buying (I like this much better).

I have my mom to thank for this amazing collection of vintage 1950s anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers as it is she that spotted them. I felt like I hit the jackpot!! These are all in near mint condition and include the really rare PY Miyao Onion Lady salt and pepper shakers and the PY Oriental Lilly flower face shakers (my favorites). Mom ended up buying some vintage linens, tablecloths and tea towels that too were all so reasonably priced. I really feel like FFT ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES is a “gem” and I will go on my list of favorite antique shops and must visit spots, also it supports a good cause and I am all for that. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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