Pinup Girl Purple Jenny Harlequin – How You Too Can Score Your Unicorns

Yasmina Greco - Purple Harlequin Jenny Dress

I have been in the Pinup scene for about two years now. I have seen this purple harlequin print Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing on gals for the past two years and was really sad to learn it was sold out and no longer in production. There was also a Jenny skirt made and Lauren top out of the same purple harlequin print. I learned about a year ago that there is a term used for items you covet and dream of and it is ‘unicorn’.  Well, this purple print was indeed my unicorn and I was not going to be in peace until I got my hands on it… determination set in.

Yasmina Greco - Pinup Girl Purple Harlequin

It took a good year to land all 3 of my unicorns (Purple Harlequin Jenny dress, Jenny skirt and Lauren top).  Here are 3 of my tips that I hope help you score your unicorns.

1.       Join as many swap and sell groups on Facebook and check them regularly (my Lauren came from one)

2.       Ebay…. Ebay USA, Ebay Australia and Ebay UK. Check regularly….. I setup alerts for when a harlequin print was posted. I did find a couple on the Ebay Australia site but the sellers would not ship internationally to me in California. ( I ended up getting the skirt on Ebay and then 6 months later the dress) The sellers were both outstanding and the items were immaculate.

3.       Instagram…… a lot of the Pinups we follow also do regular closet clean outs and sell their items. Keep an eye out for these gals and some might have a separate account/ handle for their clothing sales. A Purple Harlequin Jenny dress came up for sale recently (right before I scored mine on Ebay) by a Pinup Girl Clothing model via her Instagram page but I was not lucky…. Someone snatched it up before me.

So there you have it, my 3 tips to score your unicorns. It worked for me. It did not happen overnight. I was compelled to find my unicorns and within a year I found all 3….. Wishing you ladies the very best luck in finding your unicorns too!! I would love to hear from you…. Please share your unicorn stories and if you have tips too on scoring unicorns.

All pics by my sweet hubby Gary