Romantic Prairie Style, Pioneer Woman or Shabby Chic?

Gorgeous weekend here in wine country California and we were out buzzing around running errands and it was while at the local drugstore that I walk past the magazine rack quickly scanning covers and titles when I spot one I had not seen before called “Romantic Prairie Style” premiere issue, and immediately my mind makes the connection that this is a new publication by Fifi O’neil from Romantic Country magazine. I recall Fifi had a recent book out titled ‘Romantic Prairie Style’ but was quite surprised that she was able to start an entire magazine on Romantic Prairie Style.  I purchased the magazine and later that afternoon when at home I was excited to look it over as I wasn’t familiar with what “prairie” style actually is.

If you are familiar with Fifi O’neil’s photo styling then you will be pleased to know that Romantic Prairie Style magazine holds up the standard of beautiful styling and high quality photos. The magazine takes you through the homes and lives of various people (just like Romantic Country magazine) and as I turn the pages, I begin to understand that ‘prairie’ style is actually a mindset where one lives minimally but still comfortably. My summary of what prairie style is, is this “Shabby Chic meets Little House on The Prairie”.   You can also say it is ‘Shabby Chic meets Pioneer Woman’.

So, what exactly is “Shabby Chic meets Little House on The Prairie” or ‘Shabby Chic meets Pioneer Woman’, well let me tell you:  Most everything has that old peeling chipped Mylanta color or ‘toothpaste’ green appearance mixed in with some enamel ware pitchers, dishes., and drying bouquets of picked prairie flowers.

I liked that the magazine did cover a section on ‘Prairie” collectibles and the ‘Prairie Pantry’. My favorite home that is featured is a former horse barn/stable that was converted into a 3,000sqft home done exceptionally well with gorgeous details and furnishings giving off a very exclusive, high-end rustic lodge feel. Gorgeous!!

In a future post I will cover Pioneer Spirit, Traditional Prairie, Romantic Prairie, Vintage Prairie and Elegant Prairie. Yep, I had no idea there were so many classifications to “Prairie” style.

Have any of you read the new Romantic Prairie Style magazine? What do you think about? I would love to hear from you.